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A Few of My Favorite Things

09 January 2021
Pippa Finley
I’m Pippa, and this is my first Blog. It’s called:

A Few of My Favorite Things


It all started in lock-down in Gillingham U.K. Mark the gardener for the marina already had a pen full of older duck’s, he even had his own duck named dog the duck. They where very funny! A month later he told us that a duckling hatched. It was so cute! We named him Canada, next came Kiwi, then came Isla, then Pippa, Elanor, and quit a few more. They all where in a cage in Marks workshop. Me and Isla saw them every day and we even made them a duck house! Some days we even got to bathe them. It was hard to say goodbye.
Queeny and Medway- Queeny and Medway were duck mates, they always came to the boat to get more bread. They did that for pretty much a month until we started seeing Queeny less and less. We then thought Queeny had eggs. We where right but there was a downside. Mark came to the boat and told us that a fox must have killed Queeny but he managed to save Queeny’s eggs. It was sad and happy at the same time. Most of the eggs survived and hatched!

The River Marne

The river Marne was a very picturesque river. There was this one spot in particular that I liked. It all started after going up a lock and we decided to stop at a concrete key. It was quite pretty! But than some tanagers started playing annoying music by the boat. So, we decided to move up the river, only a tiny bit, to an even more beautiful spot. We went swimming, and me and Isla tried caching a lizard (with no susses) and settled down on a pretty, old slipway to sketch the vineyards across the river. We had burgers for diner outside and me and Isla even went for a 10:00 a clock swim it was so hot.


Paris was beautiful! We went down the river going under low bridges including the bridge Alexandra 3. Witch was awesome! We passed the Eifel tower by water and then arrived in a marina in middle of Paris. The next day we went site seeing we went to the Alexandra 3, Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Eifel tower with electric scooter. It was amazing! A day later we went to see the Fireworks. We waited till it was time by the river and then saw the Eifel tower witch made it look like it was exploding. It was truly spectacular!

Volcano Islands (Aeolian Islands)

When we arrived in the volcano islands we stopped in a pretty anchorage. It had crystal clear, warm, water and had boulders on the bottom. There where some caves by the water and great snorkelling. We then went to a different island in a big, crazy, busy, bay. There we climbed up a volcano in hot, sunny weather. But it was worth it. It had an amazing view! After we did some shopping, we went across to a different bay and had a delicious dinner. The next morning, we set off.
Vessel Name: Swift of Southampton
Vessel Make/Model: Moody 44
Crew: Morgan, Mel, Isla & Pippa
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