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11 January 2021
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Go Fish

11 January 2021
Isla Finley
My name is Isla and this is my first Blog.
Go Fish

When we started of in Gillingham, the water was always muddy and murky. The only fish we saw was tiny one’s mullets. We didn’t catch any, though me and Pippa tried to catch the mullets, but they wouldn’t eat the bait. Outside the marina in the river Medway the water was the same, but we didn’t see any fish, except for Chattem marina, they had some mullets. The next place was the English Channel. There the water was much clearer and way bluer. At Ramsgate we managed to hook a mullet, but it got away. We didn’t see any more fish except for mullets and the water was okay temperature. Pippa and Dad went swimming once. After the English Channel, we went through the French canals. There the water was warm, and it varied bettewn murky and crystal clear. The clearest place was the marina in Paris, it was as clear as it could get. From the bridge over the lock we went swimming a lot in the canals, especially when it was hot which it was a lot. We saw lots of fish, but we didn’t try to catch them because we were going as fast as we could. We saw several good-sized ones though and there was lots of people fishing. At last we reached the Med. There the water was clear and blue. We anchored of a French island and the first thing we did was go for a swim/snorkel. We were amazed by the clarity of the water and me and Pippa spent a good hour swimming around the boat. In the volcano islands in Italy was were the water was clearest. We saw baby groupers hiding under rocks and found lots of dried sea urchins. There were shells as well. The first anchorage was the best but the second one was good as well. The first was really cool because we anchored in boulders and was clearer.

From there we went to Greece. We tried fishing on the way because we had met some people who had caught some tunas, but we didn’t catch anything. Greece had the warmest water yet. We met up with family there and had the Olympics. That’s basically were we do a series of water sports in a race such as paddle boarding, swimming, etc. We ended up doing it twice, the second time was on Amily’s birthday because she liked it. After the hurricane it got colder, but we managed to catch some bonitos and dad caught a grouper.

After Greece we sailed back though Italy. We didn’t go swimming because it was to cold. We then went to the Balericks. There the water was very clear. I didn’t go swimming, but we did see two baby Mahi Mahis chasing a school of fish around the boat. We then caught are first Mahi Mahis on the way to the canaries. We heard the real run first. We pulled in the meat hook and found a Mahi Mahi on that one as well. We got them both on the boat and had a delicious sashimi dinner.

We went swimming once in the Canaries and the water was okay temperature and clear. We didn’t go swimming in the marina or fishing.

On the Atlantic passage we started out by catching a good-sized Mahi Mahi. We named it Galaxy for its cool blue spots. The second fish on the passage was Ginormo. He was a really big Mahi Mahi. The reel was running out of line when he tired, and we managed to get him in.

The third fish we caught was called Minnow. He was pretty small but fought really hard for really a long time. Still, he made a good dinner. The next fish we got was a double header. Me and Mum saw the meat hook go one way and then the other. The first fish got away with the hook when it jumped out of the water. The second one we caught though ant Pippa named it Tropical. The last fish we caught was a barracuda. It was a little weird because we were still 150 miles of shore. We arrived in the Caribbean. The water is warm, clear and full of sea life. There are lobsters, fish, turtles, and shells. We look forward to seeing what the rest of the Caribbean is like.

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Vessel Name: Swift of Southampton
Vessel Make/Model: Moody 44
Crew: Morgan, Mel, Isla & Pippa
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