Sailing Velvet Lady

Lin and Richard sailing in South America.

On the hard in South America

We have lifted Velvet Lady in many different places in Europe, but this is the first time in South...

Piriapolis, Uruguay

We spent one more night at anchor in Playa Hermosa, another beautiful bay, before the forecast and clouds reminded us that it was time to head into the marina.

Punta del Este, Uruguay

So we've been in Punta del Este 2 weeks now. Its a beautiful place in the sun but not so great in the wind and the rain. We get on and off the boat with the dinghy which is occasionally tricky in waves! The tidal range is only 0.2m but sometimes the wind...

A look back on the first year of our South American Sailing Adventure

The stats.
365 days, 7000nm, 6 countries, 3 gales.

We are Lin and Richard sailing on our 1986 Oyster 55 Velvet Lady.

For those of you who don't know us, this is not our first long trip, or even our longest trip. We've...

Sailing in Brazil

We have been cruising in Brazil for nearly 4 months now. The area is fabulous and the people so friendly. The area is so huge we are only scratching the surface, and so green.. I write a blog about it about once every 10 days. This is our most recent one.

The Western Algarve

The Western Algarve

It was dark as we rounded Cap St Vincent, the lighthouse on the SW corner of Portugal, but we could just make out the shape of the land.

We crept into the bay and anchored...