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22 March 2016 | Florida Keys
22 February 2016

We arrived

22 March 2016 | Florida Keys
We recently arrived to our first real destination! The Florida Keys. A beautiful location yet challenging for us. We have finally found a location that suites us well after a couple of weeks of integrating with our options. The last 9 weeks or so getting here from Pensacola were a little longer than we had planned and hoped for as we thought we would be here and arriving just shortly after the new year. We got off-track just a little bit...
Our expectations for a quick-trip from Pensacola straight to the Keyes with a fine crew, plenty of provisions and everyone with great attitude were re-arranged. You will have to buy the book to learn of those details when it's ready!
Despite the delay, we are here now. The water is crystal clear and full of life. The Dolphins who rode along with us in the gulf always entertained us and danced off the bow. The iridescent life that appears after dark is a hard to describe but so very errie and interesting! The other fish that frequent the shallows are all beautiful as well
Thank goodness for moorings after having drug anchor two days in a row in a big way. There's a lot to be said for a good nights sleep on a mooring!
The Florida keys are full of interesting and very friendly folks for sure. It's unusual if someone does not pass you without a friendly greeting! There is "community" here where folks value the lifestyle and the lack of schedule and commitments that burden most of the short term visitors. The evening sunsets over the palm trees accompanied by the local boat people blowing their conch horns is amazing. Life is good on Dream Ketcher!

We have arrived

22 February 2016
Today we completed a major goal of our cruising adventure - we arrived at Key West, Florida. Key West is a beautiful place and we are thrilled to be here!
What is different from out arrival however, is that unlike most other blogs you may read, our notes have a very interesting history behind them. All sailors have interesting stories to share and most will share the best. We would like to share with you the best and the interesting history behind our adventure!
Our adventure begins with Chapter 5 - As we are the fifth owner on our magnificent ship Dream Ketcher
She is a 40 foot, steel hull and gaff-rigged ketch. She is antique but wears her age well. She loves to teach us things!
My First Mate and I purchased her two years ago in Kentucky after deciding the sailing life would be a great way of life for us. We departed from our land-based jobs and relinquished our land-based commitments. This is where our adventure begins...
Vessel Name: Dream Ketcher
Hailing Port: Wilmington DE
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Port: Wilmington DE