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31 August 2009 | Dunmore
31 August 2009 | Dublin
20 August 2009

walking in the streets of Dublin

31 August 2009 | Dublin
Alina chavez-Cabello
Dublin... 2 days and 200 litres less of diesel to get here from Scotland!

Dublin, I would have never said it's a lovely city. I fell in love at first sight! Maybe its because I've been living in Oslo for so long, but I just loved the crowded streets and that it seems its Friday every day! Bars and pubs, that you could find one every 10 mts, and are always full. Doesn't matter which day or time it is.
Other thing that also impressed me a lot is how friendly everyone is! Besides one stupid taxi driver, who I can even say now maybe he wasn't even from here, every people I've met or talk to has been nice and extremely friendly... one other reason to love this city.

Oh but be careful... always watch left before you cross a street!

The marina we are in, is the most near to the city centre, but even so, we are about 20/30 min walking distance from there. We can take a bus, have walk or take a taxi... but I have only done the taxi (10 min), and one day I walked... But I never really get the chance to experience the bus drive in the city; I guess it's always good to leave things for next time!

In the weekend I was left alone on board. Kai left for a wedding in Norway, Thomas finished his holidays and went back home and Sam and Vicky left to London for some days before going to NY for the wedding. I was really happy to be left alone a couple of days. It's nice to have people in the boat, but after been 2 weeks with them all the time, I felt I really needed some Time alone!
So I met a friend from Oslo on Saturday, who I was lucky she was in town. We went for a pint (beer in Ireland) and we met again at night at her boyfriend's house, cause there was a small party.
What can I say, it was a fast weekend but I enjoyed my time!
We spent a couple of days in Dublin, but after that we start getting anxious about starting moving again. So between low pressior and low pressior we start sailing a little more south...
Things I recommend to do if you visit Dublin:

1916 Rebellion walking tour.
It's a walking city tour about the 1916 rebellion. It was really nice actually. The guide was the best of all. He was really living the story, telling it with all his emotions and listening to him talk about all this famous Irish men and women who died for their rebellion... it makes you want to know more about their history. If you are in Dublin, this is one thing you should do, and it's also a way of walking a little and getting to see the nice places of the city.

Guinness storehouse
The Guinness storehouse, which is the factory and museum, is near the city centre, just some minutes walking. If you have never try a Guinness before, here is your chance, you get a free beer with the ticket entrance. Not my favourite but something worth trying. Don't miss the bar on the top floor, has an amazing view.

Temple Bar Street
This is the most famous street in Dublin. A pedestrian street full of pubs, bars and restaurants. Some pups play live music everyday. There is always something going on in this street.
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