Adventures down under on Marnie

20 February 2009 | Bayswater Marina
20 February 2009 | G10 Bayswater Marina


20 February 2009 | Bayswater Marina
Tigs and Walter
The giant redwood in Muir Woods.

Return to Auckland

20 February 2009 | G10 Bayswater Marina
Tigs and Walter
After an eight week roadtrip around the US we are back to enjoy the height of summer in Auckland. We arrived this morning at 05.15 after a lengthy flight from San Francisco, to find Marnie looking pretty good after her time of abandonment.

So, the details of our whirlwind tour.

Having left Auckland on 8 December, we enjoyed 5 days in San Francisco, arriving in temperatures in the mid 50's which were most welcome. As Marnie is built from kauri, and this tree (native to New Zealand) is second in size only to the giant redwood/sequoia family, we visited Muir Woods to see for ourselves how vast and spectacular these trees are, up close and personal. After marvelling at their attributes and buying a specimen to plant at Lovett's Pond, Virginia Beach (which incidently doesn't have the misty climate of San Francisco) we headed for Sausilito. Walter had a favourite hamburger grill to hunt down and after much searching we found it. Lunch was as good as his memory had served him.

We'd envisaged spending Christmas and New Year in front of an open fireplace in Virginia. Plenty of frosty days arrived at just the right time for this and the cycling program which followed an early Christmas present for Tricia (Walter's sister). Wrapped up in gloves and warm layers we clocked up the miles regardless of dropping temperatures and managed to keep smiling.

A one week trip for Tigs was squeezed into the busy schedule and she heading back to freezing conditions in the UK. Airports closing due to snow, cities and motorways in chaos was a good reminder for her to try to maintain the plan of following the sun and keeping a continuous summer going.
Vessel Name: Marnie
Vessel Make/Model: Al Mason design
Hailing Port: Virginia Beach
Crew: Tigs and Walter Page
About: Walter has been sailing for over 30 years aboard various boats and is the proud owner of Marnie. Tigs from the UK joined in August 2007. Marnie has completed nearly 15,000 miles on this voyage.
Extra: Currently at the Royal Yacht Squadron in Manly, Brisbane, Australia.
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Who: Tigs and Walter Page
Port: Virginia Beach