S/V Eleuthera II

Just updated my USCG license to 100T Master and became an ASA instructor. Owner of a CSY Walkthrough. Stay Tuned, progress updates and pics to follow.

16 September 2018
28 March 2017 | Peck Lake
07 February 2017 | Port Salerno Boatyard
19 November 2015
13 May 2015 | Port Salerno Boatyard
17 March 2015
19 February 2015
11 February 2015 | Stuart
28 August 2014
24 August 2014
11 June 2014 | Seabase ~ Islamorada
30 May 2014 | Florida Seabase Islamorada Florida
13 May 2014 | Islamorada, FL
27 October 2013 | at anchor, Peck Lake
19 February 2013 | Stuart, Florida
22 December 2012

Work continues - Yet another project done

19 February 2013 | Stuart, Florida
Sailors are pretty cheap as a rule.... We look for bargains on already discounted stuff, we shun marinas and we depend on a fuel that is free. Any sailor will tell you, the wind always seems to come out of the direction you want to go or it's either too strong or too weak. But on those rare occasions when it all comes together, it's magic! Being the cheap sailor I am, I was not going to spend what the retailer wanted for the high frequency single sideband marine radio that has been long on my wish list. I was patient, waiting two years for the right deal to come along, I found it; new, never used, Icom 802 with the AT140 tuner. I made the call in December and went to Miami on Christmas eve to pick it up. Saved $750 off the current best price and no tax either. So since then I've been playing with the rig in a makeshift radio shack at the house then finally completed the install in my nav station. The contoller of the radio is separate from the main unit (the guts) which allowed me to build a drawer in a cabinet to house the controller. The main unit is tucked neatly behind everything with access behind a removable bronze screen. I also added a separate drawer on the right of the cabinet for more storage.
I've made contact with the Cruiseheimers net in the morning (8152.0 Mhz) and she works flawlessly. Now I'm studying for my HAM license so I may participate with the many maritime mobile nets, get weather faxes, use email aboard; and all for free!
Vessel Name: Eleuthera II
Vessel Make/Model: 1981 CSY 44 Walkthrough
Hailing Port: Stuart, Florida
About: Mostly the Family: Sometimes other assorted folks.
Extra: 1981 CSY 44 Walkthrough. Eleuthera, a jewel of an island in the Bahamas "out islands" also, from the Greek; Eleuthera means Freedom !
Eleuthera II's Photos - Main
Word doc of specs plus updated pics
35 Photos
Created 1 May 2015
Pictures and video of my time with the Boy Scouts
8 Photos
Created 30 May 2014
A few pics of our short time at Peck Lake.
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Created 27 October 2013
Pics of the trip June 13 - July 12
20 Photos
Created 30 September 2011
This is the party to celebrate our "mostly ready" CSY 44 walkthrough sailboat. After roughly 3 months of non-stop work, she was ready for her "coming out" party.
9 Photos
Created 9 May 2010
From the time I first saw her in Mobile, Alabama until she is ready to sail. Projects on top of projects, and then some more.
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Created 9 May 2010