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28 September 2011 | lanzareta island (or something like that)
27 September 2011 | banco de la concepcion
27 September 2011 | 150nm togo!
26 September 2011 | 40nm of the west tip of africa
26 September 2011 | atlantic ocean
26 September 2011 | 300nm from cananries
25 September 2011 | north atlantic off casablanca
23 September 2011 | gibraltar
23 September 2011 | gibraltar
22 September 2011 | gibraltar
21 September 2011 | gibraltar
20 September 2011 | gibraltar
18 September 2011 | gibraltar
17 September 2011 | spain/gibraltar
16 September 2011 | gibraltar
15 September 2011 | gibraltar
14 September 2011 | gibraltar
13 September 2011 | gibraltar
10 September 2011 | gibraltar

day spa/beach bbq

21 May 2011 | 20 fathom bay, 8nm south of gocek
well i can say this morning did not start with another mast climb! karli had picked out a cute little place in gocek she wanted to spend a day or two or 3 off the boat at so i headed back over to gocek to drop her off. it was with a heavy heart i left here there on the dock but i was hoping some land time would get her to return to palapa more rested and invigorated (i dont think the non stop partying seth and i had been doing since he arrived was helping her get to this point). karli reported that reported the place was quite nice for only 50 lira with a nice pool, hot shower and breakfast included (not boding well for a quick return to palapa). of course in a bit of irony shortly after dropping karli off i got a call from paul that he and shema where FINALLY on their way over to meet up with us for the bbq we had been supposed to have the night before. it had been a while since i did the single handed thing but managed to get the hook up and underway without hitting any one and headed down to the anchorage slapdash was now at to get things set up for the bbq we had promised liander.

everything seemed twice as hard without karli to help but i managed to get the boat on a mooring with seths help and then headed off with him to recon the bbq sites. we selected the same spot we had with imagine and Pegasus as it was still rigged with a nice circle of rocks. i thought we where going to side tie palapa and slapdash to free up a mooring but seth had had some bad side tie experiences so he and i med moored palapa. it was a bit of a challenge and had to use almost all of the 300 feet of chain i had but we got set up securely and got to shore to get the fire going on schedule.

the bbq went flawlessly with liander arriving to pick up their reserved mooring just as the grill was ready. seth had got the fire going and handed it off to me for the bbq while went to collect paul and shema and their baby complete with car carrier. i managed to rally from my karli free funk helped by seth making numerous scotch and sodas until we ran out of ice. during the bbq i got a text from karli asking for a pickup tomorrow at 230pm. this was welcome news but she also mentioned she had lost her atm card in the atm machine. not good since she only has one. hopefully it will be at the bank when it opens on mon! the beef and chicken jamie had prepared came out great and i used some of my secret wing sause on the wings leander had brought and these came out great as well. all in all a delicious meal!

after the dinner seth got the fire roaring and we had a full on bonfire in no time. jamie even made us smores', the marsh mellows where not quite as perfect as caroline's but the end product was delicious seth and i ended up in a bit of a fight over the last one! some how i was the designated dingy driver and managed to get everyone back to leander safely while seth stayed on shore to put out the fire. there was a bit of miscomunication as far as the after party went so we ended up calling it a night. probably just as well! looking fwd to being reunited with karli tomorrow :)

cheers, roger
Vessel Name: La Palapa
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina/Morgan 440
Hailing Port: Lake View OR USA
Crew: Roger Hayward
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Who: Roger Hayward
Port: Lake View OR USA