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28 September 2011 | lanzareta island (or something like that)
27 September 2011 | banco de la concepcion
27 September 2011 | 150nm togo!
26 September 2011 | 40nm of the west tip of africa
26 September 2011 | atlantic ocean
26 September 2011 | 300nm from cananries
25 September 2011 | north atlantic off casablanca
23 September 2011 | gibraltar
23 September 2011 | gibraltar
22 September 2011 | gibraltar
21 September 2011 | gibraltar
20 September 2011 | gibraltar
18 September 2011 | gibraltar
17 September 2011 | spain/gibraltar
16 September 2011 | gibraltar
15 September 2011 | gibraltar
14 September 2011 | gibraltar
13 September 2011 | gibraltar
10 September 2011 | gibraltar

recon day

19 June 2011 | little venice, mykonos
so today i pulled myself out of my all alone funk and after a nice evening swim and a delayed palapa happy hour i headed to shore to grab the bus. i was not super excited about heading out on my own but i was expecting stu and sandy on heartsong tomorrow and wanted to make sure i had some options for them as stu mentioned sandy was looking forward to "civilization".

i used my normal strategy to encourage the bus to arrive by ordering a beer at the "bus stop bar" as i have been referring to it as, true to form this lead the bus to actually arrive 5 minutes early and i had to leave half of it on the bar. it was the 740 bus and the sun was just setting on my side of the island by the time i arrived in mykonos it was dark as i retraced my steps in the hope i might find my sunnies lost on the bekford family mykonos outing but alas in spite of finding all our stops i failed to retrieve the sunnies, apparently 2 year old ray bands sat on and used a a chew toy by a toddler are very popular in the after market here!

i had two very nice very expensive cocktails on the water for 12 euro each and then found a gyro dinner including a beer for 5 euro all in all 29 euro for dinner is in budget but not exactly the spread i was expecting. i did select a good spot for drinks and a view of the sunset in little venice and a couple of food options so all in all a success and headed back to palapa.

the photo is via the iphone of a sailing cruise ship very cool looking but hard to see. the sea was flat calm when i returned with a beautiful moon over the water.

cheers, roger
Vessel Name: La Palapa
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina/Morgan 440
Hailing Port: Lake View OR USA
Crew: Roger Hayward
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Who: Roger Hayward
Port: Lake View OR USA