Sailing with SALLY



Our stay at King Fisher Bay resort was great, we were always in the pool with a cold drink in our hands and a coffee the next morning as we walked down the jetty and took in the beautiful sight. Unfortunately thanks to cyclone Steph the Marry River flooded turning the beautiful Sandy Straights into a muddy colour like a chocolate milkshake with logs and dead fish. We then decided to move around to the top of Fraiser Island into platypus bay where we stopped at one palm, which is called this because it has one palm tree on the whole beach. There we climbed a sand hill to see the incredible view and with all the bait fish around we couldn't stop ourselves from getting the rods out, we ended up catching some spotted Marcoule. From there we had a lovely sail of 15 knots with a southeast breeze which took us all the way to Wathumba. Wathumba was filled with crystal clear waters and white sand, we met up with some of our sailor buddies, Margani and Pinocchio where we sat and enjoyed their company. That night we got the squid light out and caught ourselves some nice calamari for dinner. With the wind behind us we sailed with the Jib poled out up to Ronnies were we we're blessed to see many of the magical creatures of the ocean through the crystal-clear water. On our daily beach walks where we came across many unique shells, crabs and starfish that were washed up onto the beach from the cyclone. As we went cursing in our tiny to look around it was easy to see the sharks, stingrays, turtles and fish in the crystal-clear waters.