Sailing with SALLY


lady Elliot - Lady Musgrave Islands

We left Urangun Marina with our new tender and we headed up to Yankee Jack Creek, Fraser Island where we waited out the strong SE winds that were forecasted. While there we went mud crabbing. (6 muddies and 2 sandies) When the weather cleared up, we decided we would head for Lady Elliot Island - so we anchored at moon point for the night. Next morning, we left moon point and sailed 10 hours in light winds to lady Elliot. We were welcomed to lady Elliot with dolphins and turtles. Soon after we picked up a mooring, we got straight into our snorkeling gear and jumped off the back of the boat to see a whole new world underwater filled with schools of fish, turtles and coral. In the afternoon we jumped back in the water to see mantuaries swimming around our boat. After a great stay at lady Elliott, We then had a short sail to lady Musgrave where we sailed in the clear water through the 20-meter-wide channel to get into the reef. Once anchored we were back in the water snorkeling lady Musgrave was like entering an underwater wonderland. After snorkeling we took the boat into the island and went on a walk up the beach that was filled with coral (so make sure you were shoes). On the beach we saw many birds, shells and heaps of turtle tracks from the night before. We walked around to the light house which we then climbed up - not only see a beautiful view of the reef but make a phone call for it's the only place to get reception. In the evenings we play cards and watch the sun set. The stars at night are amazing - We left Lady Musgrave and are now heading to Gladstone to see my sister Ella and her friends and I get to go with them to Hamilton Island for a weeks holiday - please see the Gallery in my blog for all the photos