Sailing with SALLY


Cardwell to Cairns

After getting some supplies and picking up a parcel from the post office we were ready to leave Cardwell and continue our sail north. In light SE winds we headed for Dunk Island. Dad again lost another lure while trolling - this has become a bit of a habit of late - We picked up a mooring and went into shore to explore the island, unfortunately the Resort was shut down and they were doing some upgrade work to the beach front. The next day the sun was out and there was still no wind, so we jumped into the Tender and motored over to Puradaboi Island which has a beautiful coral beach with Crystal clear water. After exploring the island, we decided to see what was under the water. The snorkelling turned out to be awesome with lots of fish and soft corals. With the weather so good it allowed us to explore the east side of Dunk Island where we found a hidden cave covered in tropical ferns and some very beautiful little beaches. We left Dunk Island after 2 days and headed off with 10knts SE breeze to Mourilyan Harbour which is about 20 NM north of Dunk Island. Mourilyan Harbour is at the mouth of the Moresby River and is named after a ship that sunk there in the 1950s and it now ships sugar from the wharf. We left Mourilyan Harbour the following morning around 4am the next day the wind was up to 20knts SE and the rain had come in, not the best traveling day but we made good time so instead of stopping off at Fitzroy Island as planed we decided to continue and come back to Fitzroy when we leave Cairns. We arrived in Cairns at around 2pm were we motored up the river and anchored just outside the Marina in the river across from the town centre. There were lots to do and experience at cairns like all the markets they also have a free public pool on the beach front just like all the towns along the coast where you can't swim due to the croc and stingers. The Archibald Prize painting where on show at the art gallery so we check that out. We did the Kuranda skyrail which was a great day out boarding an old train at Cairns station we headed to Kuranda winding up the mountain rangers on the way we saw the most beautiful waterfalls and greenery. When we got off the train, we walked through town and had lots of fun shopping, eating and looking at the markets. After an 1hour and half we decided it was time to get on the sky rail and head back. The sky rail was amazing, it was full of beautiful scenery as we skimmed over the top of the rain forest. We also explored Trinity Inlet which has the city of Cairns on one side and mangroves on the other - dad went crabbing with some success. With good weather forecast we decided that it was time to continue our journey and head out to the reef. Please check out the photos in the Gallery of the Blog.