Sailing with SALLY


Cairns to Cooktown

Cairns to Cooktown
We left Cairns and sailed to Fitzroy Island where we anchored out the front of the resort. We were able to swim from the yacht over to the reef for a bit of snorkelling where we came across some big Blue Rass. We ended the day by going into shore and enjoying a cold drink at the resorts bar while watching the sunset over the beautiful clear water. The next morning, we upped anchor and headed for Green Island which is a popular destination for tourist coming out of Cairns for day trips. We grab our fins and headed ashore in our tender and on the way in we stop off at the many coral bommies for a snorkel. Green island has a great beach, and it was good to lay around doing a bit of sunbaking, the snorkelling under the jetty was awesome with large schools of fish, stingrays a friendly octopuses and turtles. We went to wash of the salt water in the resort pool and enjoyed a drink and some lunch at the bar. The next day we went reef walking at low tide and came across all different types of creature's trap in the rock pools. With perfect weather forecast we headed out to Upolu Reef. Picking up a mooring just of the tip of this beautiful sand island with crystal clear water and coral reef all-around us we were immediately ready to go snorkelling. The snorkelling was some of the best so far with bright coloured coral, white sand and all different kinds of marine life under the water. Swimming off the back of the yacht in the crystal-clear water was just awesome. Dad was able to give the bottom of the yacht a clean. After 3 days with this reef all to ourselves we made the move over to Michaelmas reef which also had crystal clear water with beautiful coral, large giant trevally swimming around us was something special. Michaelmas Cay is protected as a 'sensitive location' recognised as the 8 th most significant sea bird breeding site on the Great Barrier Reef. With birds flying every ware one flew straight into our yacht making himself at home in the saloon. I don't think they sleep as the noise at night was non-stop. After 2 nights we decided it was time to continue our journey and sail onto Port Douglas where we anchored in the river. Port Douglas was like a little Noosa Heads with lots different shops and restaurants and markets to go and enjoy. We met up with one of Mum and Dads old friends Dale who lives on his Yacht there, he kindly lent us his car and his wealth of knowledge on what to go and see. First stop was Mosman Gorge which was gorgeous, beautiful rainforest walk and swimming in the rock pools while the water was freezing cold it was so refreshing and we all felt so good after, then off to Cape Tribulation for Mums birthday was one day we will remember. The drive was lovely going through the Daintree stopping along the way at the many lookouts and small creeks. While anchored in the river dad was busy catching Mud Carbs and doing a bit of fishing, we saw our first Croc laying on the riverbank at low tide. With the midges getting the better of us we decided to head off to Low Isles for a change of scenery for a couple days. Low isles is a small island 8NM out from Port Douglas with a nice beach and good snorkelling this was just the change we needed. 3 days latter it was time to go back to Port Douglas and stock up with food and water and continue our journey North. We left Pot Douglas headed for Hope Island as our first stop, with the wind blowing 25+ knots it wasn't great for us so we stayed on the boat and decided to return on our way back, the island looked beautiful and there was heaps of coral to see. The next morning, we set sail for Cooktown with the winds still blowing strong from the SE we arrived in the afternoon and made our way up the river to find a spot the anchor. As luck would have it dad's friends Allan and Wendy who have just made the change from sailing the sea in there yacht "Sea Otter 2" to traveling the roads in there motor home arrived on the same day and offered to take us to see the local water falls for a swim and we got to walk along Elims beach and also check out Black Mountain which is a mass of granite boulders, some the size of houses, lunch at the Loins Den Pub just made it a great day. Its school holidays time again so Mum and I are hopping off Mustang Sally and will be flying back to the Sunshine coast while dad's mates come up to do what ever they do.
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