Strangers in the Night

Leaving Isla Isabella in the afternoon means we will anchor around 7:00 p.m. Sundown is 5:30. Oh boy! A night anchor!
Night anchoring can be tricky business, but I really do love it. We see the most glorious sunsets. Then it gets dark, and we...

Looking for the Booby Prize

Time to leave Mazatlán and head south for La Cruz. First stop? Isla Isabella, a small island about 100 miles northwest of Puerto Vallarta. Isabella is a national park, home to hundreds of frigatebirds and blue footed boobys (also a bird). The island is...

Kicsi Does Mazatlán

Mazatlán ... so opposite from what we experienced in Cabo San Lucas. A mellow, resort vibe... just what we needed. Plus, the resort has pickleball courts! Really happy now. Just need to "share" the court with iguanas!
Anne took on the task of...

A Sticky Situation

Crossing the Sea of Cortes, enroute to Mazatlán, started like any other day. Mild conditions and warm winds until... we hit some confused seas. Some waves pushing east and others pushing west. Some waves 5 feet, some waves 10 feet and the wind blowing a...

Adios Cabo San Lucas

Four nights at anchor in Cabo was plenty! Steve and I visited this town in the early 80’s. At that time, there were only a few small hotels and dirt roads. Today, Cabo is a mini-Las Vegas. If you like loud thunderous rock videos from the 80’s… this...

Man up!

That's my man. To Alice (Steve's Mom), you may not want to read this!
After sailing 4 days and nights, we finally landed in Bahia Santa Maria just in time for the
Baja Ha Ha beach party. So fun to meet up with current friends and to make new...

Pants Off, Fish On!

On our way, close to Turtle Bay, it's time to fish again. The day before, Tim hooked a big,
beautiful mahi-mahi, but the fish got away.
So... Tim rigs up a hand line, a bell and a six-inch painted cedar plug with hook. We are motor

What time is it anyway?

Starting leg 2 of our journey now�... San Diego to Cabo San Lucas. We are joined by my
brother Tim and his wife Anne. Our mission? Catch up to the Bahahaha fleet, targeting the
fleet's last stop before Cabo - Bahia Santa Maria.

Ghost Dolphins

Our journey begins with glorious sunshine throughout the San Francisco Bay. Four souls on
board: Captain Steve, Nephew Ryan, good friend JP and me off to San Diego for the first leg
of our adventure.
Once under the Golden Gate, our...