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On the way to Neah Bay

We wheyed anchor at 8am . The ocean gos have smiled down on us all morning. Flat and super calm ocean with no wind. We have gotten up to 12.2 knots and 7.9 at the slowest. We'll reach out destination early. Thank you Captain Mark for picking a perfect...

Neah Bay at Sunset!

Early to bed and early to rise. We have 20 + hours of cruising (or, hopefully, sailing) ahead of us tomorrow. Beach Bay has been peaceful and beautiful. A perfect anchorage!


The Red Ball ferry snuck up while I was reading. I probably jumped a good off my cockpit cushion when they blew their horn at a near by speedboat in their path!
Sure got my adrenaline pumped!

Back in Port Angeles...about a month from went we headed to Gulf Islands

Arrived at 3pm...about 2 hours before a small craft warning. The waves were 3 to 4 feet and wind increasing. We will definitely be rocked to sleep tonight. Anchorage in the bay near the Red Lion.

East Sound - Orcus Island - Olga Anchorage

Cruised from Skull Island in West Sound to Harney Channel and into East Sound on Orcus Island. Went to end of inlet to small town of East sound. Stopped briefly at Rosario before anchoring in Olga. Olga is a small village near the entrance to East Sound....

Listening to the Moody Blues on our boat

It just doesn't get better than this...
I'm sitting in our boat's cockpit
Listening to the Moody Blues on our stereo
in perfect weather
in a gorgeous setting
with a beautiful sunset taking over the sky
And all of this...