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05 April 2009 | Jacksonville, Florida
18 March 2009 | Cumberland Island, GA
14 March 2009 | Georgia coast
16 February 2009 | Jacksonville, Florida
15 February 2009 | Jacksonville, Florida
02 February 2009 | Home
02 February 2009 | ICW heading home
26 January 2009 | Fox Town
24 January 2009 | Guana Cay
17 January 2009
15 January 2009 | Hope Town
14 January 2009 | Hope Town
11 January 2009 | Man-O-War Cay
09 January 2009 | Guana Cay
05 January 2009 | Great Guana Cay
05 January 2009 | Last morning in White Sound of Green Turtle Cay
05 January 2009 | Green Turtle
02 January 2009 | New Plymouth, Green Turtle Cay
30 December 2008 | Green Turtle Cay

Blessing of the Fleet

05 April 2009 | Jacksonville, Florida
This was Patrick and my first experience of joining the Power and Sail Squadron in an event: the annual Blessing of the Fleet from the Jacksonville Landing on the North bank of downtown. Even though there were only 4 boats representing our group there were many other boats that participated.

Patrick passed so close to the priest not only was our boat, Sail the Wind, splashed with holy water, but we were too!

Be sure and check out the web album for this event to the right on this page under "Favorites".

Our Cumberland Trip

18 March 2009 | Cumberland Island, GA
Be sure and see the pictures to the right 03 Cumberland Trip

Saturday, 3/14
We left the dock around 10:30 AM after waiting for the fog to never did, so we left anyway. It was chilly while underway and I got my woolies out and my jacket. Unbelieveable, but it stayed foggy all day! Breifly, midday, there was a break in the clouds, then turned foggy again.
Turning north up into Sisters Creek off the St Johns River felt so neat! A new area to explore! We achored in the South Amelia River around 5 PM. Lots of birds are gathered right on shore at the waters edge. All kinds huddled together. Very pretty. Then we hear a strange bird call. One I've never heard. Patrick recalls it as a loon. He hasn't seen a loon since living in Canada. They call again and then we see them. 3 of them! Beautiful birds with a beautiful sound. I've never seen a loon before. Nice.
Patrick grilled steaks and we had rice and asparagus and wine. Good dinner.

Sunday - Awakened to thick fog, but this burned off quickly and we are now into a GORGEOUS DAY!! We saw even more dolphin this morning. Even a tiny little one, maybe 2 feet long, kicked up its little tail to take a dive. I love nature: the birds, the sea life.
We passed by Fernandina. We could easily get here in one day by boat. Think we'll come during the Shrimp Boat Festival. There is a marina, moorings, and anchoring here. The mills nearby are less than ideal, but Fernandina is a cute little town.

Sunday afternoon we anchored just a little north of Greyfield Bed and Breakfast on Cumberland Island. We took the dinghy to the Sea Camp dock to explore the island. We followed the path along the river thru the woods to Dungeness ruins. Saw quite a few wild horses in small groups. Patrick had never seen an armadillo. We saw several. We hiked about 5 miles. Beautiful day! Sunshining! We did not go to the beachside of the island. It was getting late and we were getting hungry. We plan to return and go there predawn. A good excuse to go back real soon. We are in the dinghy flying back to Sail the Wind and we hit bottom. No problem. Then as we are approaching the sailboat you can see she's not floating. She's not leaning....yet....but she's clearly not floating. She's perfectly upright, and perfectly aground. Oh, boy. Here we go again. Flashbacks of Man-O-War Cay flood by brain. It wasn't long before she started to tilt further, further, and further still to her portside. All in all we were 3 hours until we were upright and floating once again. Not bad at all, really. (I'm glad Kelly missed that one.) I'm coming to realise that with a sailboat, it just happens!
We had a peacefully calm night. Water like glass. Warm temps.

Monday - Patrick made an awesome omelette for breakfast! Then we pulled anchor and motored to St Mary's. Such a quaint little village. Very nice park area. Lot's of restaurants. Some nice shops. We ate at Riverside Cafe out on the balcony - Reuben sandwiches. Then we walked the streets a bit. Not much to see. Dark clouds started to build, time to return to the boat. A strong shower hit and fell for about 20 minutes. Another very peaceful, calm night at anchor. 61 degs by morning, high 70's during the day.

Tuesday - We put the dinghy back on the front deck and headed out into the Atlantic! Cloudy day, north wind, seas 3-5 ft. Everything was fine until about the last 30 minutes before entering the Mayport entrance to the St Johns River. The seas had picked up, it got a little rough and I felt sick. Good to be home. Jacksonville is beautiful coming through downtown at sunset.

Heading to Cumberland Island

14 March 2009 | Georgia coast
Well, Hello!!
Patrick and I are headed to Cumberland Island this morning. It turned very foggy late last night and it is still very foggy now at 9AM. But the high is to be near 80 for the next 3 days, rain is possible also...but who cares, we're on the boat!

Bill and Kelly, I think you made a good choice not to join us this trip. We want warm totally beautiful weather for Kelly's first trip. Next time!

We are hoping to be able to do a lot of exploring in the dinghy around the island, spotting and photographing the wild horses, and maybe even venturing into St Marys, Georgia.

We will return on Tuesday (it's to turn cooler that day so maybe Monday).

We've been enjoying the boat on a regular basis since we returned from our 2 month adventure to the Abaco's. We've been sailing at least 3 times and have had dinner with Bill and Kelly, and Glenda and Gary here on board.

We'll be in touch! Love to you all!!

For Valentines Day

16 February 2009 | Jacksonville, Florida
The Whale Tail Story

Once upon a time there was a handsome Frenchman named Patrick. He was born in France, lived in Canada, traveled the world, but always wanted to live in the United States. One day his dream comes true and he moves to the USA.

In Jacksonville Florida there was an attractive woman named Cindy who was born in Jacksonville, raised in Jacksonville, was educated in Jacksonville, married in Jacksonville, had children in Jacksonville, and divorced in Jacksonville. She did travel a fair bit to many places in the States, Europe, the Caribbean, Hawaii, but she always lived in Jacksonville.

Through many courses of events, Patrick ends up moving to Jacksonville and he and Cindy meet. On their second date at a sushi restaurant, he is sitting by her side. She has noticed all evening that he has a thin gold chain around his neck and she wonders what, if anything, is hanging on the end. She even contemplated pulling it up to see, but she thought that too familiar since it is just their second date. All of a sudden, Patrick notices the necklace Cindy is wearing. Hers is a silver whale's tale on a silver chain. His eyes grow big, all expression but shock leaves his face. He simply says, "Did you hear them?" Cindy says, "No way," and reaches for the chain around Patrick's neck. As she pulls the long gold chain from his shirt there it is, a gold whale's tail, the exact size and design as her own. Then she answers, "Yes, I heard them."

They discovered they both had purchased their whale tale necklaces in Maui, Hawaii after hearing the whales under water. She had been snorkeling and he had been scuba diving. It was such a moving event for each of them that they both had felt compelled to purchase a whale tail necklace.

But what a question to ask, "Did you hear them?" Think about it. The more common question would have been, "Where did you get it?" Instead he knew. He just knew.

And to this day he still complains about having to come clear from France through Canada, then Colorado, all the way to Jacksonville, Florida to find her. My, I mean, her response, "I was waiting patiently."

Destiny?..............I think so.
Did you get chills? Gosh, I still do.

Re-entry Update

15 February 2009 | Jacksonville, Florida

February 15, 2009
Re-entry has been a challenge. Patrick and I are having a hard time staying away from Sail the Wind. We come and spend a night or two whenever we can. We even took her out for a sail last Wednesday just because winds up; ala surfs up. When we first arrived back in Jacksonville our weather was extremely cold. We had near record lows of 18o. Now our temperatures are back up into the 80's and it's a typical beautiful Florida winter. As my husband, who spent many years in Canada, likes to say, "You can tell what season it is in Florida by what flowers are blooming." Yes, it's nice....very, very nice.

I find as the days pass the memories of our adventure become sweet. Oh, so sweet. We both look forward to our next opportunity to explore for several months in another direction, north, for the summer. We are both visualizing the perfect job scenario to support this. Patrick is a very skilled senior project manager in the IT field. He would like to have projects that either he can do remotely or that only last about 4 months. It's out there and heading our way.

I've put a couple more photo albums to the right under Favorites of the last few days of our return trip to Jacksonville. I hope you enjoy them. I want to thank all of you who have accompanied us on our adventure. It was nice meeting the new ones and having you along for the ride. Who knows, maybe one day our paths will cross! I do hope so.

Also, due to popular demand, I will be telling the Whale Tail story.....very soon... in honor of Valentines Day.

Love, beauty, peace, prosperity, and joy to you all.

My View of Sailing

02 February 2009 | Home
My view on sailing is becoming more favorable now that we've really been sailing with great wind, perfect seas, and both sails flying. I still think a sailboat has too much above the deck, the mast, and too much below the water, the keel. These two things alone are very limiting. And as lovely as it is to be under full sail with no noisy motor, the sails (especially the main sail) is a lot of work. (In mast or boom furling is something to consider.)
Sailing as opposed to a power boat might be like walking or riding a bike is to driving a car. When you walk you see the little group of wild flowers growing in the ditch, you feel the wind in your face and sun on your back, you smell the jasmine blooming, you hear and see the flock of geese fly overhead. Yes, it takes longer to get where you're going. But the getting there has more than likely refreshed your soul. You've taken the time to be present to this world you live in. To experience, appreciate, and enjoy the little things that are so often overlooked, but make up so much of our everyday life.
If you get in the car you most likely pass by all these little things with your radio on and your windows rolled up tight for climate control.
When it comes to sailing a well known quote holds true for me: "It's not about the destination, it's about the journey." And this journey has been a wonderful addition to my life experiences. One I will never forget.
Thank you, Patrick, for bringing yet another new adventure into my life. I can't wait to see what comes next.

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Patrick has not owned a sailboat for several years. We have just closed on our "Sail the Wind". She is under going some repairs at present. We actually have not even taken her out for a sail yet!! But are looking forward to this weekend. With work slowing down a bit with the economy, we are [...]
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