Vessel Name: Inspired Insanity
Vessel Make/Model: Southern Cross 28
Hailing Port: Virgin Islands
Extra: First American Woman to Solo Sail Nonstop Around the World
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17 April 2016 | Shelter Bay, Colon, Panama
17 April 2016 | Gatun Lake to Shelter Bay
17 April 2016 | Balboa Yacht club to Gatun Lake, just before the east side set of Locks
17 April 2016 | Balboa Yacht club to Gatun Lake, just before the east side set of Locks
17 April 2016 | I was still in Balboa yacht club
17 April 2016 | Wow!!!!
16 April 2016
12 April 2016 | Balboa Yacht Club, just outside the canal entrance
09 April 2016 | Balboa Yacht Club, just outside the canal entrance\
06 April 2016 | Anchorage La Playita
05 April 2016 | the Pacific side Panama Canal
04 April 2016 | the Pacific side Panama Canal
01 April 2016
01 April 2016
31 March 2016
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10 July 2016 | Bristol RI

Journeying On

The summer has barely begun in Rhode Island and the mornings already seem to be cool, almost a scent of autumn air… How is that possible? There is so much to do. Each day seems to begin and end with a sense of having been floating on air, my feet barely touching the ground. “What is it like now, [...]

15 June 2016 | 35 00'N:75 05'W, Another wild few days ahead... deja vu.

Passing Diamond Shoals off Cape Hatteras!!!

There was no warning... the day touting varying winds from the SE to SW, the sails trimmed in and let back out over and over to keep us moving as fast as we could, the engine called upon when we weren't moving fast enough. I was making breakfast when Bob went up on deck responding to a sound... next [...]

13 June 2016 | 30 00'N:79 35'W, in the Gulf Stream off Jacksonville Fl

Offshore once more: SV Calyspo is heading north!

It seems endless, the need to keep pressing, keep moving, from one point to another, the whole world of details needing to be dealt with upon returning after so long offshore, after having completely detached from the world system. Yet, there is a dream state that wants to believe I would not reattach... [...]

01 June 2016 | 41 24'N:71 25'W, Just arriving in Lake Worth... leaving again tomorrow in my car back to RI

the MISSING BLOGS: are coming

Hang in there... I am enroute to Florida to get my car... a busy week. I am getting the 'missing blogs' going. I just realized that I didn't write any blog the days I was knocked down...though Bob did an incredible job of keeping you updated and with the details...He was totally accurate and you all [...]

29 May 2016 | 41 24'N:71 25'W, Bristol RI: Herreshoff Museum Dock

Magnificent Welcome Home


Journeying On

10 July 2016 | Bristol RI
The summer has barely begun in Rhode Island and the mornings already seem to be cool, almost a scent of autumn air… How is that possible? There is so much to do. Each day seems to begin and end with a sense of having been floating on air, my feet barely touching the ground. “What is it like now, being back on the Terra-firma”, folks keep asking. All I can say is that it almost feels as if, having endured and basked in the huge ocean swells; the hazy calms; embraced it seemed by the wildlife, the dolphins, the vast variety of birds, the pilot whales singing and chuckling far off in the distance; It is almost like a dream that it all really happened. And maybe that is the way the days feel. Somehow detached from any concrete reality.

As I calm my inner self in this moment, I am groping to engage with life energy. I feel like I am being torn apart at times; Part of me wanting to give myself permission to just ‘be for a while’; I want to go for a single quiet walk or swim; and yet all of the land and yachty projects; the steps I have to go through to get back on my feet; get Inspired Sanity refit with her engine as well as put back together after being in the parade; just keeping a phone and computer functioning; is all clamouring for my immediate attention.

And I am surrounded by the cosmic energy of people; So many to thank and catch up with; so many who have given so much of their life energy to me as they have followed my story, believed in my dream, and too, endured, the day by day challenges I faced, yet not being able to help me. Following my writing, they had been feeling my cold feet, hearing the thunder of the seas in gale after gale, knowing that I was hurting and exhausted; when they see my face for the first time, tears fill their eyes as they embrace me, so glad to touch me, hold me and finally be able to comfort me while also feeling so proud of me. “You did it”, they say to me. “We watched you every day and didn’t know how you could make it, but you did it”.

I want so much just to linger and tell stories; to relive the moments of challenge, those of incredible creative energy and excitement; the beauty of the rainbows, each sunset, the storm frontal clouds, the sounds of the birds and blowing of the whales as they crest the sea alongside Inspired Sanity, the clicking of the dolphins as I allowed my body to slip into the sea along with them as they swam around me in the calms.

And then the life stories of each person I meet come tumbling out as they relate to my story; It is a good story. Life’s story of how we come to find our self, each in our own paradigm. Life is drawing incredible people toward me… every day has been a banquet of new fresh flowers… Venturers. All having the common thread of having followed their deepest longings, willing to let go of their comfort zone to embrace a vision they sense with a greater flow of energy then they have ever felt before. It is as if their vision is choosing them as it becomes an overwhelming passion that cannot be denied. That knowingness… If I follow my dream, I will find a greater expression of who I am and true joy is there; self-satisfaction; yet with purpose, as I see how my life’s vision is a conduit of life in the greater life energy of love… of God. We are a matrix of life energy flowing vertically. We are finding each other.

It is as if there truly are two planes of functioning, one with my hands to the ‘plow of all that needs to be done’, the other like a receiver and transmitter to people as our life stories entwine. On the one hand, my body is overwhelmed with gravity, my muscles aching, trembling within, tension seeming a part of my experience these days as I keep moving, climbing up and down in and out of the boat, cleaning, organizing, somehow making sense of all on board, the salt laden Inspired Sanity.

Being in the July 4th Parade was such a privilege … it all came together, each person joining the preparation team magically painting the float with their talents, whatever that talent was; making sure it was safe, cutting wood, providing tools, driving, decorating, designing and doing graphics, painting masterpieces of the dolphin and whale. Yet, I knew that I was actually taking my boat apart, the mast down, wind generator off when inwardly I am longing for IS to be together.

The week of preparation for the parade used up that first round of energy that I had thought would result in IS being back in the water and settled so that I could go forward … so I could get on with my plan for what I was going to do now that I was home from sailing the world … I had wanted to already be on to the next phase. The days did not stop from dawn until collapsing into a dull sleep, after, maybe having one drink too many. But it allowed me to finally lay each day to rest.

And here we are, half-way through July already. And IS isn’t even cleaned yet. But I have met the most incredible people and now the whole process is no longer just about ‘getting IS settled’. It has become about those who I would meet along the way, as if IS is the conduit of bringing people together. The students at IYRS (International Yacht Restoration School) are going to give IS a bit of their own magical energy. There is a much deeper camaraderie developing in the midst of accomplishing these physical tasks. Those I am meeting are like sojourners. It is a mystical aura surrounding us, drawing us together.

And yet, the physical tasks do have to be addressed. Yes, Inspired Sanity needs to be gutted, cleaned, bottom painted as well as she really needs topside paint. The starboard side was totally underwater for so many weeks in the South Atlantic on my way south, that the paint is blistering off. The engine must get installed once the IYRS students rebuild or clean the systems as needed. Even doing the laundry seems to be impossible these days. We just can’t keep throwing money at tasks. There is no money.

Yet… there is a way. The truth is that this whole period of time is just my continued journey. Can I let go of my past way of attacking life’s challenges… it has always been about brawn, pushing, keepin on keepin on. It is as if life is screaming at me, “Donna! Stop”. My whole body is tingling as if in shock. I feel nearly paralyzed physically though I am midst these continual amazing encounters and auras. I must let go of my own agenda… tears are welling up … Life is trying to show me a new way, but I am still insisting on putting pressure on myself with this agenda.

Does IS need to get back in the water? I never have talked to the boatyard owner to establish how he is sponsoring me… I have an underlying fear that I am going to get a bill for all that the yard has done for me. I have no financial stability… Bob and I are both walking purely by faith. But I am allowing life energy to carry the burden of the unknowns? Or am I still just filled with worry? Am I connecting to life energy or am I starving, once again tapping out my egoic sources? I AM STARVING!

Today is a new day. A Sunday. A day of rest. And despite all that ‘needs to be done’, I am going to let it all go. I am going to clear the egoic patterns of managing ‘life’s necessary tasks’ from my past by simply asking God to do it. I am filled with fear of failure, fear of financial ruin, fear that I will not play music again; that just making money and working will become an obsession stealing all of my life energy. AT this moment in time, I am asking God Consciousness within me to clear the memories and conclusions I have about how to manage life’s tasks, making money, managing my time. And I am drawing near to God, centering within my true self in meditation… to listen. I will allow life energy to be the one to guide my day having no expectation from myself. I am going to relax and let go of all of the tensions caused by fear and worry. In the Pause… I can redirect the portal of existence from one that is consumed by my egoic self to being free to be embraced by God. And I can cry… sob… letting go once again, releasing the toxins of fear and worry. Breathing!!!

I am missing the morning and afternoon hours of meditation, focusing energy together. How is it that I let life suffocate me so? I can clear that tendency to wake in my egoic self and allow now to be new… I can allow this moment to be a portal into conscious awareness. Life is created new each moment of every day. Love is created new each moment of every day. Peace is created new each moment of every day. Compassion is created new each moment of every day. Caring is created new each moment of every day… but not before we are filled with Life and Love, function in Peace, so we can first receive Compassion and Caring for our self, then we will be overflowing with Compassion and Caring for all that life requires of us. Otherwise, life will suck our energy dry and we will find our self starving for energy, catalyzing the function of our ego’s survival tactics of old to get through the days. So… Letting go, Breathe, then in the quiet we can enter into the portal, embrace our true self and we can allow the day to unfold empowered.

Keepin On Sailin On Caring… I am realizing how truly vital the discipline of writing is for me; a portal for life flow. I become centered when I begin to write the blog, knowing that I am writing for others to read. Wow. Breathe!!! Instead of having a list of ‘things I need to do today’, I can simply be in awe as I watch my day unfold, moving through all that I am empowered to do today, starting by becoming a conduit of life energy flowing, taking in the environment of beauty surrounding me.

Fairest of Winds and the Love of the Oceans
Only Gratitude

Passing Diamond Shoals off Cape Hatteras!!!

15 June 2016 | 35 00'N:75 05'W, Another wild few days ahead... deja vu.
There was no warning... the day touting varying winds from the SE to SW, the sails trimmed in and let back out over and over to keep us moving as fast as we could, the engine called upon when we weren't moving fast enough. I was making breakfast when Bob went up on deck responding to a sound... next thing I heard him furling in the mainsail, the jib already furled as it had become occluded by the mainsail, the winds nearly dead astern. Rain had just begun to fall in the light winds, when suddenly water began moving horizontal across the water, across the cockpit. A squall passed over us...we saw 62kts on the wind instrument... winds screaming... lasting a half hour of steady 40-55kts. Wild. Calypso lost her US flag, pole, and the fitting on the deck. The winds pulled the screws right out of the deck. Yow!! As we listened to the weather forecast on the VHF afterwards, it reported 'squalls, winds maxing 30kts', to which we nearly simultaneously added, "more like to 60kts".

But the wind did die down behind it...filling in from E to ESE. We set sails again, making 8+kts but the forecast suggests the winds are to diminish before they build again. We are 25nm from the latitude of Diamond Shoals off the Outer Banks of NC on the Mighty SV_Calypso.

This weather scenario is interestingly developing similar to the one when I was coming up. A storm was approaching as I was rounding Hatteras, supposed to give me S SSW winds but they didn't shift...they blew out of the ENE to ESE... against the stream current, giving huge confused seas, but making for a fast passage. Then that one 'cell' came off the Del Mar peninsula when I got off Ocean City, gusting 40-50kts, producing that one huge rogue wave that humbled me; a magnificent rainbow to follow to ease my emotions; but it put me on edge. I still had another front coming according to the forecast. Lucky for me, it didn't materialize.

Then the wind died on me. It took me 5 days to do 200nm to get to Bristol... of course it allowed Bob to catch up with me and was perfect timing... just requiring patience and the 'knowing' that it was my last days on the sea alone; days to enjoy in the bliss of the light conditions.

So we will see what happens here. It is to develop as it was supposed to for me, with the storm center north of us but we advance NE fast enough that the storm center is south of us by morning, giving us strong NE ENE winds. We will continue on a NE course to give us some room until these winds come. If we can get north of Ocean City by tomorrow evening, we will miss the gale force NE winds to follow, extending south from the latitude of Ocean City... As we continue north it should lighten up enough that, given we do have this wonderful Iron Genny, we can motor/motor sail close enough to the wind to get either to NYC to go through the Sound...or, less likely, we will be able to make enough easting to get to Montauk. But you never know. It may lay down. We are trying to make it to the SSCA Essex Ct Gam...18-20th.

We are quite sure we are going to need fuel to motor the last day and a half. We are sailing as much as we can, but we still have to make the miles fast...we have to get north of the stronger ENE winds. Needing to get fuel may make the NYC route necessary.

All is good on board; though the genny is losing the suncover, a huge 5ft section flying as a telltale off the leech... Poor Calypso. But we will make it up to her. Bob has sacrificially invested so much helping me with Inspired Sanity's preparations and the endless emails and details while I was away. Calypso has been hanging on, fending for herself, waiting for me to return and for life to come back around to the summer season living aboard. Bob and I have promised Calypso lots of refit promises we must keep this summer.

Both Bob and I managed to have great 'reads' aboard for this trip. After weeks of my writing about the book I had read by David McCullough, "Pathway Between the Seas", finally it would be Bob's turn to journey into the 1800's to the first conceptions of the Panama Canal, the passionate French Vision to open the way between the two vast Oceans. As the French visionary is undone by political corruption, the subsequent visionary debate on where the US would take up the challenge to breach the two oceans, finally landed on the location the French had begun. It was not because the route across Panama was the pathway determined to be the best by the US researchers, but because the French, Phillip De'lesser, took up the French passion from his father to complete the original vision and convinced the US to take over the dig at Panama, abandoning the US first choice location in Nicaragua. In the end, it was the rumblings of earthquakes that created the final blow that eliminated the N icaraguan canal option; it was fate indeed. I have had to hold my tongue so as not to go ahead of Bob in his reading this nearly 700 page book.

Bonnie Blue had given me the book, 'Wild', by Cheryl Strayed, before leaving on my world sail. It is a woman's journey to emotional healing while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, a 3 month trek. Bonnie recommended as much as an example of a writing style, as for the content. I found it very well written and it did spur on a new way of looking at organizing the details, the emotional aspects, and overall adventure of my journey.

But I had forgotten about a book Bonnie had given me earlier which somehow made it onto Calypso, probably early last season. I was glancing at the bookshelf, when the red spine of a book caught my eye. 'I had to row...' and I couldn't see the rest of the name with the shelf fiddle in the way. I thought it was a different favorite book, 'First I had to Row a Little Boat'... but it wasn't it. Once I saw the full name, I was intrigued enough to pull it out and consider reading it; 'I Had to Row Across the Ocean, A Woman's Solo Odyssey' by Tori Murden McClure. I had a vague memory of Bonnie giving it to me.

It was an epic story to read, very well written, and offering another example of a writing approach to penning the story of a healing journey; an adventure; a lifelong vision coming full circle. Like 'Wild', the trek encompassed 3-4 months though the story that unfolds tells her personal accounts that lead up to how she took up rowing, why, as well as the incredible telling of her 'Row Across the Ocean'. I won't tell you any more hoping that many of you will find a copy to buy and read. Tori tells an incredible story; her mind-blowing experience in Hurricane Danielle aboard her 23' row boat, American Pearl; the capacity she had gained in her life to get through it, and then to go beyond the venture to allowing it all to change her. A must read!!

Of much interest to me was that Tori had also studied the works of Joseph Campbell who brought to life the hero's journey as told in mythology. He creates an incredible roadmap to life's overall patterns of journeying and growth toward self-fulfillment in the human paradigm, this pattern being the foundation of all storytelling. I was introduced to Campbell's teaching through "The Writer's Journey", by Chris Vogler, which I am using to develop my own storyline. One of the characteristics of Tori's book, is the obvious depth of her own background in literature, sharing many quotes seeming verbatim, from a connection to the authors that seems ethereal.

Bob and I stayed at Bonnie's house one night, after the welcome home party. I found another book on the counter there, the title ringing so true to me, 'Blue Mind'. I read the extended title, "The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In, On, or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected, and Better at What You Do". I called Bonnie to ask if I could borrow it to read during this sail north...she was happy to have me take it along. I have to say, that I got distracted by Tori's book which I found midst reading 'Blue Mind', so I haven't finished it yet, but I will. This book fills in some of the research based gaps in my own study regarding the overall effect of being alone midst the ocean, the most powerful energy source on the earth for 10 months. Though my journey was not entirely solace by any means, I was out there in the oceans energy aboard Inspired Sanity alone. We will see how the rest of the book follows. So far, we are on similar pathways but f rom a different perspective.

Days offshore always seem to pass so quickly, and this trip is not unusual. Last night was the first cloudless starry vision of the whole celestial sphere, the stars so concentrated that areas looked nearly cloud-covered, the constellations giving way to a pixelated background of the lesser stars vying for attention; this view so pristine, only seen from a place such as we are; alone offshore, far from the lights of humanities making. It has been a refreshment as I took my place on the deck with my morning tea to connect as consciously as the quiet rolling would allow to the intrinsic life energy that was surrounding me, shared by all of you who, too, are focusing your energy to hear, to listen, to be changed and directed by this purely sustainable and loving life form...

Keepin On, Sailin On, Caring... I am always learning more about what it means to 'care'... the passion, the emotion, the actions that allow us to become a part of the whole of Life's conscious energy in the universe, no longer enslaved to the whims of the egoic self, only focused on meeting the base needs of existence... to living midst the vertical flow of life that moves through life-giving forces, taking us along for the ride. It isn't easy, but it ... IS... Inspired Sanity.

Tori begins her story with this quote from Helen Keller - Let Us Have Faith Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature... Nor do the children of men, as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than out-right exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing. To keep our faces toward change and behave like free spirits in the presence of fate is strength undefeatable.

Fairest of Winds and the Love of the Oceans Only Gratitude Donna

Offshore once more: SV Calyspo is heading north!

13 June 2016 | 30 00'N:79 35'W, in the Gulf Stream off Jacksonville Fl
It seems endless, the need to keep pressing, keep moving, from one point to another, the whole world of details needing to be dealt with upon returning after so long offshore, after having completely detached from the world system. Yet, there is a dream state that wants to believe I would not reattach... somehow I would find a new way to function. Even to become more detached.

My head is buzzing through the days as Bob and I work to get ourselves situated for the summer season. Bob, my brother, Jeff, and I, drove to Florida, taking some of the stuff from IS; the nine months worth of clothing that needed to be cleaned; the instruments, and anything I would need for the next few weeks. Bob would remain in Florida to prepare to sail SV_Calypso north to her summer mooring grounds where Bob and I will base our lives from... the Mighty Calypso, our summer home in Bristol, RI.

Then my brother graciously helped me drive back to RI with my car, another 1400mi, enabling Bob and I to have a vehicle to use for the summer season, as well as to allow me to make a first round of speaking engagements and follow-up visits to my children and grandchildren, Kristy and family whom I still hadn't seen since arriving home. It was an incredible week, trying to decompress from the emotions and excitement of sharing my experiences and expressing the depth of my gratitude to all who had empowered this monumental feat of sailing around the world, my only stop via the Panama Canal.

Piecing together my powerpoint, adding the photos and thoughts encompassing this second circumnavigation, was a challenge; time such a premium, and even moreso ... my capacity to think it all through was limited. It seemed too soon to be able to culminate all that had transpired over those 10months at sea ... how could I answer the profound questions? What was the most important, the most difficult, the most ... valuable lessons... that you learned? I needed more time to process it all. And that time would come. But for now, I shared as best I could from the new energy source from within and it seemed to flow from me well enough.

The first engagement was for the Women's Sailing Foundation. For me, the day was enchanted as I was able to be in the presence of the most incredible women, so many breaking through new barriers of unknown territory, allowing the ocean and the paradigm of sailing to become the catalyst to finding a deeper strength and courage within themselves, trusting in their ability to creatively find their way as they opened themselves to the opportunity to change and grow. I was so blessed to share time with Dottie and Bart before the conference, Dottie joining me, giving my introduction. It was incredible to embrace Nancy Erley and thank her for being my resource of help when IS and I had to try new options for managing the huge ocean conditions with the hindrance when the self-steering vane was not functioning optimally. The exchanges between all of us represented such a high quality of camaraderie as we all encouraged each other, no one's experiences and gifts more or less valuable than any other's... we had all come together to go sailing, intrinsically bringing us all so close together.

The second program I shared was at my Mother's home in an assisted living facility. She had ingratiated me to all of her friends and the staff there. The staff even went so far as to print out my daily blogs and gather them into a binder for my mom and others to read... it was such a blessing for me to know that my mom was able to keep abreast of my journey. It was my mother and father who had first sailed on traditional tall ships when I was a young mother... it was my mother who encouraged me on when I began to talk about wanting to sail... she was the one who sent me off with her deepest blessings to sail across the ocean to Ireland... from the very beginning of my experience sailing, she was the one who saw the ocean as the perfect place, sailing as an amazing healing experience for me... and she was right. My son, Keel, and I sang my mom's favorite songs as I shared the photos and stories of sailing around the world; her favorite stories were those about the birds and wildlife tha t became my dearest companions along the way. My brothers, my step-brother and his amazing wife... all who had invested and cared for me along my way were there as they had always been.

As I would share, folks would ask me what it was like to be back on 'terra-firma'. I would share that it almost felt as if the trip was a dream, landing back to the very same place I began, getting that first cup of coffee at the Bristol Bagel works, Bob and I hand-in-hand walking down Hope Street from the Herreshoff Museum dock, Bob sharing his first night ever to sleep aboard IS ... the floor passing for a second bunk. The life in Bristol seemed to have been on pause while I was away, nothing had changed really, folks walking through their lives as they had been, but I was so so very changed. I felt as though I was seeing through new eyes, a fresh breeze blowing, a new vision emerging... I was a whole person for the first time in my life, truly at peace within. My mind was quieted, listening. Astounding!

Synchronicity alone could have planned the week of travel as I was able to spend quality time with each of my grandchildren...the itinerary was perfect!! In between each engagement, I was able to spend a day able to focus my attention on each of my children and my precious grandchildren, each in their own environments, playing games, and being Noni... a grandmother that loves to get down on the floor and play games, imagine tea parties, go on imaginary journeys both at sea and land... we fished, played games, watched favorite movies, cuddled to singing songs as they fell asleep at the end of full days... midst the happiest days of my life. We couldn't stop grinning as we played... though Noni would be reminded that she needs to 'stay in shape' to be able to keep up.

I enjoyed the long chats with my children that would go into the wee morning hours... catching up on the events of the year, many that were life changing, deeply moving... I felt the twangs of remorse at having not been there at times, yet was awed at the incredible depth of maturity each of my children have to navigate these growth stages, the unexpected challenges midst life. Though I wasn't there, my voice was there in their hearts, encouraging them to love themselves with the depth they adore their children or dearest companion... I am so very proud of them all. They all have been the foundation of caring, whether financially or in their deepest expressions of love and respect they have openly shared with me. I am so blessed that I was able to have this added time in the early days after returning.

Bob and I, too, have grown close inwardly during seeming never ending months when we could not touch each other, hear our voices in person, embrace each other through the hardships; when he couldn't help me when I had hard challenges at sea; when I could not be there to help Bob when the details of life were overwhelming as he carried, not only his own, but my, dauntingly vast number to manage. We both faced our eternal longings alone and found deep resources from within, tapping new wells of understanding. But it was hard.

Coming back together, we both knew we were different and that our relationship had grown more intuitive, based in the life energy we had been sharing from a far for all those months. When Bob took over doing my blogs after the satellite system was damaged, he did it from a conscious connection to me... of what I was feeling and would want to express... it was me speaking through him. He was so aware that the blogs weren't a platform from which he would speak... He was sharing from a deep connection to me. When I read them upon returning, I welled up with emotion as I began to understand how strongly we were connected along the journey, truly 'our' journey, as we both allowed the situations that occurred to change us, move us, teach us, and bring in a totally new way of relating and interacting.

I returned to Florida, Bob having been working away to get us ready to leave. My world was sprawled everywhere, laundry and trying to pack. Our lovely home would need to be set up for its life during the summer ... Bonnie Blue visited to take possession of her new vehicle... a 1972 VW Camper/Bus! The new Bonnie mobile, a magical platform for her amazing dolphin energy artwork and healing program. All the last minute details came together... we will be back and forth as needed for work. We took Calypso to a dock to pack and get her ready for her trek up the US east coast along the same route I had just come with Inspired Sanity. We have a good weather window, a little light on wind...but Calypso has a fabulous engine... the winds in our favor for the most part.

The Delorme tracker will be showing our journey on Calypso. The Satellite Aurora system will be running allowing me to start to catch up on the 'Missing Blogs' as well as update our trip. We are now nearly 20 hours out, passing St Augustine, actually sailing nearly the same speed as IS!! We are both appreciating the mild conditions and the ability to catch up on true R&R. Last night was a splendid night watch, the stars so familiar once again charting my way, Karina and Scorpius in their places, the Dippers lighting the way north. The morning air was cool, yet gave way quickly to a steamy hazy sky, a sundog visible... yes there is a front on its way, but it will be north of us allowing us the SW winds that will make for great sailing around Hatteras... we trust!

Bob has settled into reading 'Path Between the Seas' about the construction of the Panama Canal, by David McCullough, having been fully intrigued as I referred to the book throughout my passage through the Canal. And I am typing away... new stories to tell, stories to yet bring alive as I take them from paper to digital form.

During the welcome home weekend, it was wonderful to be with Will Barbeau, Bonnie Blue, Mike Wall, the land based Sail Twice Around team that has laid down their lives for these months to facilitate my dream. My first meeting with Dr Jeff Eisen and Dr Jeanne DeRousseau was amazing. Those initial embraces and eye to eye "Thank yous" lingered trying to express the depth of thanks that could not be shared in a moment... yet was known in eternity, had been known each moment of the way. Joan Conover could not be at the welcome home, but we enjoy chats and look forward to our first non-ethereal hugs. At more upcoming SSCA Gams, I so look forward to seeing new faces belonging to those I have talked to on the radio, Chris Parker from Carib Wx, Glenn, Dick... to see those whose comments encouraged us all along my way. I so look forward to meeting you at other engagements with yachting and cruising clubs throughout the US and wherever in the world it might take me... good friends in Austria, Germany, England, New Zealand, Australia, Patagonia... and all through the world.

Upcoming Events we will be at or *speaking engagement June 18-20 - SSCA Gam, Essex Ct *June 23rd - Herreshoff Museum Lecture 6:30pm *Music Venues - TBA July 30th - SSCA Gam Rockland ME Oct - Annapolis Gam Nov - Sawlty Dawg Rally Nov 16 - SSCA Gam Melbourne

Keepin On Sailin On Caring... Embracing the new reality, allowing the mind to take a back seat to life energy's flow of quiet initiation of vision on a day to day is a mystery that is unfolding.

Fairest of winds and the love of the oceans Only Gratitude Donna

the MISSING BLOGS: are coming

01 June 2016 | 41 24'N:71 25'W, Just arriving in Lake Worth... leaving again tomorrow in my car back to RI
Hang in there... I am enroute to Florida to get my car... a busy week. I am getting the 'missing blogs' going. I just realized that I didn't write any blog the days I was knocked down...though Bob did an incredible job of keeping you updated and with the details...He was totally accurate and you all got the 'story' as it was unfolding from him... I thought I would write the story from within IS...

It is coming.!!! Fair winds to all...

Magnificent Welcome Home

29 May 2016 | 41 24'N:71 25'W, Bristol RI: Herreshoff Museum Dock

The last few days are like a dream. Having so much of my family here, as guests of Halsey Herreshoff, has been the most amazing Welcome imaginable... to see so many friends and feel the intensity of all the energy flowing toward me is so encompassing. The entire property of the Herreshoff museum and docks has been an open playground for all of us here, from the moment I saw the beautiful SV Rugosa heading toward me on the water, the rails lined with the yelling young voices "NONI, NONI, YOUR HOME"!! from my grandchildren... doing pass-by after pass-by of the docks as I waited for my Mother to arrive to see me sailing... the first steps on the dock; love was flowing everywhere. We have all enjoyed the blessing of the graciousness of Halsey to allow my kids, and family to stay on property these last two days, Inspired Sanity, blissfully bobbing at the dock as folks come to see this mighty little ship that has sustained two world circumnavigations plus tens of thousands of other coas tal miles... even a 'visitation in the night' in Duck, NC...

There are no words to express my thanks to those who have managed the ground team, creating a magical welcome home. It started with a press interview in Newport arranged by Will Barbeau and just grew as Bonnie Blue put 1000% of her creative energy and celestially inspired spirit into making the day so special for me and my family.... Bubbles and hoola hoops for the kids, globes and stickers, a magnificent wall painting...and a poem that flowed so through her being that it was nearly penned in completion without even a moment for her pen ink to stop flowing. Halsey gave us a wonderful vision of my journeying sail from a perspective only he could express. Tim Murphy graced us with a song "Let's go out to the sea again"... an original jewel. Keel was snapping photos... and more photos. The Welcome home presentation was not complete without a final toast from the heart of Bob... as he shared the words he had penned on my sail before I left, "Dear Donna, The sea calls and you answer; The wind speaks and you listen; You take my heart with you and I keep yours close to mine... I love you...Bob." Tears flowed everywhere as he wished me congratulations from all.

We all enjoyed a magical shake down sail on SV Rugosa the following day...(yesterday). It was incredible to have three of my children all there (we were missing Kristy with all our heart), and their amazing kids...and my brothers... and be able to sail on Rugosa. They have all sailed with me at different times but never all together, and with Halsey, it was a fast and exciting sail as the winds gusted into the 20's and all the 'first time out for the season' details were straightened, lines re-lead as needed, and rigging tweaked to bring her into 'fine tuning'. Exhilaration has a whole new meaning as we all helped to put Rugosa to bed for the afternoon after the sail.

It was so deep, the longings that I had felt to hold my grandchildren, kiss my children, my Mother who has been the foundation of support through my sailing. To finally have them in my arms, to play with them, watch them so freely enjoying the waterfront, the sailing, the kites and each other, filled my being with so much pride, so much gratitude... and when they had to go home, one by one, rolling up their car windows after one more hug, one more kiss, not wanting to let go now that we are near... an incredible sense of being torn from them came... it was too soon, though we'd had the most packed exuberant experience together. I am so longing to hold them again... and we will be seeing each other soon. Thank goodness. I miss them so already.

Even as we were tiding up Rugosa, amazing friends, Dottie and Bart arrived yesterday on SV Ananda, bringing those who got this whole circumnavigation started with Bob and I together... the energy from our very first chat as near strangers... soul mates in the eternity of time revealed in that moment... when we both knew in the same instant that it was time for me to set off and solo the world nonstop as I knew I wanted to do... but at that moment, it became a reality. We all embraced on the dock as we considered all that had transpired to bring this amazing culmination to be. What hugs we shared, life energy channeling holes in the ground it was so fluid...

Scott and Kitty arrived on their tail (blog buddies!!), mutual friends, and dinner was a blessing treat with Halsey as our spontaneous Guest.... Long embraces and great fun...the reason we all sail. The camaraderie found midst the sailing community is a life changing experience. We are all looking forward and making plans to continue to enjoy that community through the summer as it rolls through Bristol and all of New England.

Thank you to all who continue to come down the dock and say hello... those who have followed along on the blogs or heard of my journey from the amazing articles in the local papers...thank you Bruce Burdett and Rich Salit.

Facebook has been buzzing with so many, many, many wonderful photos... Please Jay Nellie... we would love to have copies of your photos... please email them to my Hotmail...or maybe we can set up a drop box... wowowowowowowowowowow...

Oh What FUN!! And the creative unfolding is just is unfathomable to me... I am not even going to try to imagine... I just don't have that good an imagination!!!

Keepin On Sailin On Caring... Love is CREATED NEW EACH MOMENT OF EVERY DAY!!!

Fairest of winds and the love of the oceans Only Gratitude Donna
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