Sail Vicarious

Join us as we refit our 1975 Fisher 37 and explore the world.

S/V Vicarious

Who: Spencer and Kathleen
Port: New Bern, NC
18 August 2015
01 July 2015 | New Bern
05 May 2015 | Bridgeton Boatworks, NC
01 May 2015 | Bridgeton Boatworks, NC
06 April 2015 | New Bern, NC
18 November 2013 | Tahiti Beach
18 November 2013 | Tahiti Beach
18 November 2013 | Man o War Cay
18 November 2013 | Man o War Cay
14 November 2013 | Hope Town
14 November 2013 | Marsh Harbor
26 October 2013 | Charleston SC
01 December 2012 | Annapolis, MD
05 October 2012 | New Bern
20 August 2012 | New Bern
07 February 2012 | New Bern
29 January 2012
24 October 2011 | New Bern, NC
20 October 2011 | New Bern
16 October 2011 | Neuse River, NC

Interview With A Cruiser Project

02 February 2011 | Still in Salinas
An online friend Livia from SV Estrellita is doing a project titled the above ( ), and I answered 10 of a zillion quesions about cruising even though we have only been out less than a year, we have lived aboard for more than a year and a half. There are more I want to answer but it is way after bedtime and she asked me to only answer 10. I will ask Spencer to answer some too whe he is done with the water maker project. Yes, he needs to tell you all about it!!

We have been cruising since April 2010 and first went up the coast to Maine, as far as Somes Sound and then we sailed back down taking the ICW at Norfolk, through the beautiful Dismal Swamp, grounded a couple of times in NC, and SC, jumped from Miami to Gun Cay, checking in at Chubb Cay, Christmas at Georgetown, NYE at Rum Cay, sailing to Caicos then onto Luperon DR, bashed our brains out along the north coast and then through the Mona to Boqueron. Now we are in Salinas provisioning until Panama. We are reading Jimmy Cornell's books to make sure we will be going at the right time, taking the right route from Panama to the Marquesas. From there we don't know yet...

Here are the questions and very brief answers from Kathleen.

What (if anything) do you wish someone had told you before you started cruising? That is is as difficult as an outward bound course and it will test the bonds of love in a relationship, even the strongest!!

Is there a place you visited wish you could have stayed longer?    Big Sand Key, Turks and Caicos.

Tell me your favorite thing about your boat. It is verrrrrrrry tough. Much tougher than I!

Tell me your least favorite thing about your boat. Not enough storage space for a year of provisioning!

How often have you faced bad weather in your cruising? How bad?    In the Gulf of Maine skirting hurricanes and then going to windward through the Bahamas, the DR, Mona Passage and PR we faced a lot of uncomfortable seas, BUT it was all under a schedule!!! It is like everyone says, a schedule is the only dangerous thing when cruising! 10-12 ft seas, confused with 20 knot winds were the worst and I hope that is as bad as it gets. I know people face 25 ft seas, but I'm not ready for that!

What do you dislike about cruising that surprised you?  The bug bites!

What is something that you were dreading about cruising when you were dreaming, that is as bad or worse than imagined?    The bugs!

Is there something from your land life that you weren't sure about bringing and are very happy about having brought now?    I am so glad I kept some nice clothes, I like to look nice and not look like a cruiser. It makes me look less like a tourist!

When have you felt most in danger and what was the source?    During rough passages, but now that I am safely out of them and have more experience I think it was just in my own mind!

Share a piece of cruising etiquette. ALWAYS say "hello and how are you" in the language of whatever country you are in. You never know if the guy leaning back in the chair with a tee shirt on is the customs guy who needs to check you in and give you all the days you want! Make it a habit to ask everyone!!
Vessel Name: Vicarious
Vessel Make/Model: Fisher 37
Hailing Port: New Bern, NC
Crew: Spencer and Kathleen
About: Spencer is a USMC jet pilot and Kathleen is an RN. We plan on departing New Bern, NC Spring, 2010 after Spencer retires from the Marine Corps. We are filming the entire process and have a DVD series of the work we are doing on Vicarious, which is available at:
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S/V Vicarious

Who: Spencer and Kathleen
Port: New Bern, NC