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Join us as we refit our 1975 Fisher 37 and explore the world.

S/V Vicarious

Who: Spencer and Kathleen
Port: New Bern, NC
18 August 2015
01 July 2015 | New Bern
05 May 2015 | Bridgeton Boatworks, NC
01 May 2015 | Bridgeton Boatworks, NC
06 April 2015 | New Bern, NC
18 November 2013 | Tahiti Beach
18 November 2013 | Tahiti Beach
18 November 2013 | Man o War Cay
18 November 2013 | Man o War Cay
14 November 2013 | Hope Town
14 November 2013 | Marsh Harbor
26 October 2013 | Charleston SC
01 December 2012 | Annapolis, MD
05 October 2012 | New Bern
20 August 2012 | New Bern
07 February 2012 | New Bern
29 January 2012
24 October 2011 | New Bern, NC
20 October 2011 | New Bern
16 October 2011 | Neuse River, NC

Birthday Boy!

16 October 2011 | Neuse River, NC
We have had two wonderful days cruising from Norfolk to here where we are right now on the Neuse. Up at dawn, dry clear air, lots of wind on the beam, some silent sailing and two lovely anchorages not in the guidebooks, sunsets rife with the calls of birds, natural darkness and last night a huge blood red moon! This is what we do this for!

The only drawback is the huge powerboats rocking our world, but since the Caribbean when we are underway we have everything stowed very well. The thing that got us was the night before we got to Norfolk after one of those mean Chesapeake days with 4 ft waves and a one second period, and we were still with with our buddies from Equinox, a huge steamer far, far away caught us abeam during dinner prep time. It was so unexpected and so violent it caused a mess like a day in the Carib. Lesson for the captain: If you actually see a huge boat blow by in the distance alert galley crew to possible waterquake! ;). Trish from Equinox said it didn't bother her because everything that had crashed earlier on the trip that day was still on the floor! Lucky girl!

So these last three days, two nights have been a very nice end to our 18 month cruise. We passed the 8,000 mile mark today! We will also have wifi soon so we can post all of our pictures again!

We have A LOT of work to do in the next 12 months and we have been storming our brains so much we forgot it was Spencer's birthday today!

Anyway, see you around the marina!
Vessel Name: Vicarious
Vessel Make/Model: Fisher 37
Hailing Port: New Bern, NC
Crew: Spencer and Kathleen
About: Spencer is a USMC jet pilot and Kathleen is an RN. We plan on departing New Bern, NC Spring, 2010 after Spencer retires from the Marine Corps. We are filming the entire process and have a DVD series of the work we are doing on Vicarious, which is available at:

S/V Vicarious

Who: Spencer and Kathleen
Port: New Bern, NC