Sail Vicarious

Join us as we refit our 1975 Fisher 37 and explore the world.

S/V Vicarious

Who: Spencer and Kathleen
Port: New Bern, NC
18 August 2015
01 July 2015 | New Bern
05 May 2015 | Bridgeton Boatworks, NC
01 May 2015 | Bridgeton Boatworks, NC
06 April 2015 | New Bern, NC
18 November 2013 | Tahiti Beach
18 November 2013 | Tahiti Beach
18 November 2013 | Man o War Cay
18 November 2013 | Man o War Cay
14 November 2013 | Hope Town
14 November 2013 | Marsh Harbor
26 October 2013 | Charleston SC
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29 January 2012
24 October 2011 | New Bern, NC
20 October 2011 | New Bern
16 October 2011 | Neuse River, NC

Casting off again!

26 October 2013 | Charleston SC
Kathleen Sunny and oh so dry!
So we are off again on another adventure...just on a different boat! Mozzie was purchased before we sold Vicarious. Spencer saw her on Yacht world and we just knew she was the right boat for us right now. We knew after sailing (motor sailing 98%) 8000 miles in 18 months that we wanted more stability, better sailing speed and a galley up all for a bargain price. As with every boat purchase we took a bath on the selling end, so we were looking for serious value! We knew that this was to be our transition boat from mono hull to larger catamaran. Spencer wanted more speed, more simplicity and it had to be comfortable enough for a girl. Mozzie is a G Force 36 designed by Hans Giessler. Here is a Giessler fan page: (how great to be living in this social media time!)

There are two amas (the "pontoons" on the sides) not connected to the "living pod" in the middle. Before we modified the layout here were 4 single bunks, 2 aft and 2 smaller ones forward both sides were identical with a sink/shower and toilet area. We put an Airhead compostable toilet on the starboard side and we just use a Sun Shower set-up for our showers, since there is pressurized water, but only cold. Why have a shower with just cold water? This boat is already camping enough for me! on the port side Spencer installed an Engle freezer in the toilet space. All 4 bunks are now storage. Where do we sleep then, you may ask...

Well, if you had been reading this b-log (boat's log) for the last 7 years you would know that we like to make alterations to customize our comfort. On Vicarious we took the salon and moved it to the wheel house. On Mozzie we moved the salon to the cock pit and turned the salon into a king berth. In the middle of this all is the galley. Just the way I like it. There were many things not to like about monohulls, but the one that irked me the most as the pink-chore/galley slave was that the galley was in "the hole."
others may call it the hull...;-) Mozzie is "galley up." That means I can just hand the captain his hot coffee from just a step lower than the cockpit and can see the sunset just like he can while preparing our dinner aboard. The living pod's cockpit area is enclosed either in plastic glass or screen so no bugs and no cold wind. The best thing??? No heeling (tipping) over! That alone sold me! I guess living my life on a slant just isn't in my DNA make up... Don't get me wrong though, I will miss that washer and dryer!!

I am writing this 6 days after casting off from New Bern, NC again, but this time there is a finite end to this cruise. We have rented out our house for 4 months and we are on the ICW headed to the Keys! We will be making a 3 week pit stop in St Augustine to rendezvous with the crew from Magic Inspiration, Jeff and Sandy and their cat Mango, to take off aboard Jeff's company's, (Prout Catamaran), brand new 63 footer to the Bahamas for 2 weeks to take pics of their 73 footer! Should be the trip of a lifetime! Thanks Jeff and Sandy!!! Then after that we will visit beloved familia for a week then NO MORE RUSHING to The Keys. Right now we are doing our regular push, push, push to get to SA, but well worth the push, wouldn't you think??

We will be back in the swing posting text and pics when we can and as always look forward to your questions, friendly comments and observations! Sail Vicariously through us! Love, Your captain, Spencer, Commander, Kathleen and spiritual guru, Ti Ti

PS For those of you who knew Mauri, our beloved cat, he has crossed over the rainbow bridge and is waiting for us on the perfect "green" catamaran on the other side. Our new baby is Tia Marie Nahala Bailey. Ti Ti Von Ti, Beyonce or Stinks for short. She is my soul kitty and the inspiration for my new direction
Vessel Name: Vicarious
Vessel Make/Model: Fisher 37
Hailing Port: New Bern, NC
Crew: Spencer and Kathleen
About: Spencer is a USMC jet pilot and Kathleen is an RN. We plan on departing New Bern, NC Spring, 2010 after Spencer retires from the Marine Corps. We are filming the entire process and have a DVD series of the work we are doing on Vicarious, which is available at:

S/V Vicarious

Who: Spencer and Kathleen
Port: New Bern, NC