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29 August 2010 | Port Salinac Harbor, MI
We did a short hop yesterday from Harbor Beach to Port Sanilac - 5 hours. Port Sanilac is a very nice little town and marina. We are a little ahead of schedule so we have decided to stay a 2nd day. We will do some provisioning here, laundry and do some more research concerning having the mast shipped from Buffalo, NY to Catskill, NY. We have posted the shipment on and have had several bids ranging from $500 to $1,500. Of course, the ones who quote the high price think they will do a better job and state we should worry about the low bidders. Might be the truth but we will either go closer to the $500 or not have it shipped and carry on the boat instead.

We met some nice people in the slip next to us - Bill and Martha on 'Eagle's Wings'. They are from Ontario Canada and went through the Erie Canal a couple of years ago so they had some good info for us.

Tomorrow we will reach the St Clair River, St Clair Lake, the Detroit River and finally Lake Erie. The plan is now to meet our friends Craig and Becky Horn in Sandusky, Ohio next Saturday. Becky will head back home on Sunday and Craig will stay with us until the Hudson River, around Albany, NY. Craig informed Bill yesterday that he is bringing 8 cases of beer with him!! As usual, when Bill and Craig get together I am the sober one who is their memory so I can tell them all the things they said/did the night before. Neither one has a filter after tipping a few (more accurately a dozen each) so one or the other has been known to offend a person or two i.e. anything from mooning the Coast Guard to peeing off the side of the dock. But with all that, looking forward to Craig joining us - we always have a good time together and many stories to tell afterward.
Vessel Name: Walk A-Bout
Vessel Make/Model: 37' Endeavour
Hailing Port: Silver Bay, Minnesota, USA
Crew: Bill and Cheryl Stewart
About: We left Silver Bay Minnesota August 2010, currently in Marathon Florida and hope to cross to the Bahamas soon.
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ya know none of these pics are ever in order,,,,we snapped them so you could try and figure yhem out
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What happens when is dumps 12" of water in the Catskill Mountains,,,,,Messy Docks!!!
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