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Cool Cushion Star kids found snorkeling in Puerto Escondido

18 November 2009 | Puerto Escondido, Mexico
Puerto Escondido is a beautiful anchorage surrounded by many rocky mountains. There are three anchoring options here: Singlar marina, the Waiting Room, and the Elipse. Our friends on Neika offered to let us use their anchoring system while they are away, so we anchored on their mooring ball in the Waiting Room. There is a small APPI fees of about 75 pesos per week ($5.75US). There is also an entrance fee of about $5US. We have trash disposal and drinking water available.

Our friends on 'Ladybug' were anchored in the Elipse, which is much more shallow than the Waiting Room... which can be 40-50 feet deep easily. Singlar marina has lowered their rates compared to past years. You can either anchor or get a mooring ball in their anchorage, but it costs the same to do either... and I think it's quite expensive. Laundry facilities and showers are available to everyone for a fee. There is a restaurant, too. Unfortunately, if you don't have your own transportation to get to Loreto for groceries, propane and such it can be hassle and it can be very pricey.

Puerto Escondido is considered to be a National Park. The photo is of a Cushion Star the kids found. After Hurricane Jimena, the mountains and cliffs are like a photo of the South Pacific. Beautiful! It's picturesque place to drop the hook.
Vessel Name: Was Windfall; is now Hotspur
Vessel Make/Model: was 35' Cal Cruising; now 41' Tartan TOCK
Hailing Port: Olathe, Colorado
Crew: Jim, Meri, Tim, Carolyne & Bailey-Dog FAULKNER
About: Sold everything... home, business, things-n-stuff and moved aboard 35' sailing vessel to see the world... or part of it, anyway. After a year and a half, we love it so much we upgraded to a 41' Tartan TOCK ketch to continue the adventure!

Cruising Family of Four

Who: Jim, Meri, Tim, Carolyne & Bailey-Dog FAULKNER
Port: Olathe, Colorado