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Biggest Fish Story EVER!

22 November 2009 | Sea of Cortez, Mexico
This is a true fish story, but you won't believe it... but it happened... and I still don't believe it myself! Tim, our 14 year old, caught a 45" live, male dorado (Mahi Mahi)... WITH HIS BARE HANDS!!! The kid should be coined "Fish Killer"... because he is one. He has come to Mexico only to wreak havoc upon the poor creatures of scaled and finned persuasion. Now, in addition to becoming the world's best reel handler, he has become Tarzan of the Sea of Cortez... wrestling live sea critters with his bare hands into submission... and straight to the dinner table!

Seriously, Tim was sent this morning to walk the dog on the beach. He had no hooks, no reel, no fishing line, no gaff... Nada. He comes back 20 minutes later with this gorgeous dorado laying in the dinghy (seen in the photo). He says the fish was swimming close to the top of the water, so he just grabbed it by the tail and landed it. Jack on sailing vessel 'Mandan' was around to witness Tim's escapade. Fishing is really good in the Sea of Cortez, but keep in mind... there are cruisers out here this summer who have caught nothing... NOTHING! That's probably because "Fish Killer" has caught theirs already. Our freezer is full!
Vessel Name: Was Windfall; is now Hotspur
Vessel Make/Model: was 35' Cal Cruising; now 41' Tartan TOCK
Hailing Port: Olathe, Colorado
Crew: Jim, Meri, Tim, Carolyne & Bailey-Dog FAULKNER
About: Sold everything... home, business, things-n-stuff and moved aboard 35' sailing vessel to see the world... or part of it, anyway. After a year and a half, we love it so much we upgraded to a 41' Tartan TOCK ketch to continue the adventure!

Cruising Family of Four

Who: Jim, Meri, Tim, Carolyne & Bailey-Dog FAULKNER
Port: Olathe, Colorado