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22 October 2017 | Edmonds
21 July 2012 | Winslow, WA
23 January 2012 | Daytona beach, Florida
20 January 2012 | Marineland, Florida
18 January 2012 | ICW enroute to St. Augustine
17 January 2012 | Pine island, Florida
16 January 2012 | St. John's River, Florida
15 January 2012 | Atlantic ocean
14 January 2012 | St. Catherine Island, GA
13 January 2012 | Isle of Hope
12 January 2012 | Thunderbolt, GA
28 October 2011 | Edmonds
27 July 2011 | Anacortes
26 July 2011 | Sucia island
19 July 2011 | Port Townsend
16 July 2011

Friday 13th

13 January 2012 | Isle of Hope
Very cold! Sunny!
In the spirit of superstition (don't leave on a Friday--especially the 13th), we chose to start out slow. Maramu is a diesel-electric hybrid and so it was a quiet, two hour, 7 mile sojourn down the Skidaway river. We sailed for about 1/2 of the trip and are now snugly tied at the isle of hope marina. Beautiful estates line the river drive and there was a latte awaiting us just 1 mile down the road.

The marshes and the shallow water are a bit disconcerting as we are used to seeing the edges of our sailing space...lined with hills and mountains. This river thing is challenging and the currents a bit mystical. Did I mention it is flat? The charts look a child's maze and I'm thankful for good channel marks. The sun is the only reference one has to which direction we are going. Thank you sun! And Ohhh....thank you that it isn't my boat!

Vessel Name: Salt
Vessel Make/Model: Camper & Nicholson 48
Hailing Port: Edmonds
Crew: Dan & Jeanne
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Created 5 August 2013
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Created 13 January 2012