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22 October 2017 | Edmonds
21 July 2012 | Winslow, WA
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16 July 2011

Blackbeard's coast

15 January 2012 | Atlantic ocean
Clear, 50's, seas 2-4 feet
We woke up this morning to being high and dry in the mud.   We wondered why we all slept so well.   Despite the almost freezing temperatures and no cabin heat everything else was well.  We were just stuck.   When we pulled in our anchor we found that it was pretty much not doing a thing-the keel was a much better anchor and was holding us upright in about 2 feet of water.  When the tide came up a few more feet we launched the dingy.  An hour or so past that we had kedged off the mud and were once again on our way south.  Thus is the cruising life.  There is an adventure every day to challenge your mind, your strength and your patience.

With the weather clear and winds out of the NWN we headed out Sapelle sound to the Atlantic.   With a right turn past Blackbeard's island we were headed down the coast keeping the shore about five miles off our starboard side.  We have a steady 10 knots of wind now from the NNE, blue sky and about 50 degrees.  Seas are pretty flat and the depth consistently 30-40 feet.

It is good to be on the vastness of the ocean.  It creates a zen like state which is only a bit different than I remember due to the 9 year old.   He is doing well and finally has ventured outside to play some games with the men on watch.  I'm likely on the 9 to midnight watch so am getting some rest while I can.  I'm thankful that pirate ships of Blackbeard's day are now replaced with the occasional cruising yacht (of which we have seen none) and fishing boat.   With our composting head, our diesel-electric hybrid and tempurpedic mattress--I just say 'avast ye matey's all's is good'
Vessel Name: Salt
Vessel Make/Model: Camper & Nicholson 48
Hailing Port: Edmonds
Crew: Dan & Jeanne
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