not all those who wander are lost

22 October 2017 | Edmonds
21 July 2012 | Winslow, WA
23 January 2012 | Daytona beach, Florida
20 January 2012 | Marineland, Florida
18 January 2012 | ICW enroute to St. Augustine
17 January 2012 | Pine island, Florida
16 January 2012 | St. John's River, Florida
15 January 2012 | Atlantic ocean
14 January 2012 | St. Catherine Island, GA
13 January 2012 | Isle of Hope
12 January 2012 | Thunderbolt, GA
28 October 2011 | Edmonds
27 July 2011 | Anacortes
26 July 2011 | Sucia island
19 July 2011 | Port Townsend
16 July 2011

Going with the flow

18 January 2012 | ICW enroute to St. Augustine
The currents of the water, the wind, the rise and fall of the sun, the tidal pull of the moon.  I had forgotten these things-- that should be so fundamental to our human existence.  Most of my life is spent trying to control nature--my climate controlled home, my 'all weather transportation' and my precise daily schedule from 7-5...regardless of night or dark, rain or shine.  How seldom do we take the time to observe the conditions and adjust our plans? And why does it feel so great when we have a snow day? Or enjoy a sunny afternoon?

On the boat I am reminded of nature's pervasiveness.  We sit back and let the elements control our actions.  We depart when the tide is right, we seek shelter when the bugs come out at dusk, we eat when we are hungry, we change our destination when the wind shifts.  We always consider alternatives and 'what if' scenarios--there is always a plan B.

Perhaps the definition of being unplugged--is when time is not our own for a change--and the elements take back over.  Going with the flow--it requires intuition, flexibility, creativity, courage and patience (and the obligatory occasional cocktail sans ice?)
Vessel Name: Salt
Vessel Make/Model: Camper & Nicholson 48
Hailing Port: Edmonds
Crew: Dan & Jeanne
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Created 5 August 2013
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