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22 October 2017 | Edmonds
21 July 2012 | Winslow, WA
23 January 2012 | Daytona beach, Florida
20 January 2012 | Marineland, Florida
18 January 2012 | ICW enroute to St. Augustine
17 January 2012 | Pine island, Florida
16 January 2012 | St. John's River, Florida
15 January 2012 | Atlantic ocean
14 January 2012 | St. Catherine Island, GA
13 January 2012 | Isle of Hope
12 January 2012 | Thunderbolt, GA
28 October 2011 | Edmonds
27 July 2011 | Anacortes
26 July 2011 | Sucia island
19 July 2011 | Port Townsend
16 July 2011


23 January 2012 | Daytona beach, Florida
Sunny, 80
The sign above the beach says, "World's most famous beach".   Now, I think i know why.  Our two days in Daytona were ideal and truly a Florida experience.   The beach is long, the sand is fine, the surf ideal.   With a slight breeze off the water, the 80 degree temperature was just what I had in mind.  While others In my family enjoy playing in the surf, I'm more of a sand castle type and could spend all day building stuff in the sand.  The sand of Daytona is fine, packs well and as a bonus makes an excellent exfoliant.  It is very possible that sitting on this beach ranks a close second to my 'happy place' beach at birch bay. 

I have experienced many exotic beaches: from the south china sea, 'coconut islet' off the Portuguese colonized, now, Chinese military base--Hainan island, Hawaiian black sand beaches, many remote and deserted south pacific beaches, Mexico and west coast beaches.  However, Daytona is a slice of Americana.   There are people to watch, french fries to eat and sunburns to slather.  What could be better than that?

As we leave the crew of the s/v Marama behind we are somber with thoughts of work, school and responsibilities.   Our drive back to the airport retraces our steps recounting in a matter of 2 hours...what took us the last week to cover by boat.  I have to say the travel at 3-7 knots is my favorite way to experience 'place'--it is personal, uncut and liberating.  More motivated than ever to build the cruising kitty for the next trip.
Vessel Name: Salt
Vessel Make/Model: Camper & Nicholson 48
Hailing Port: Edmonds
Crew: Dan & Jeanne
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