Sailing 'Saltrun'

26 April 2015 | Lochabar, Long Island, Bahamas
13 April 2015

New Video, Thunderball Grotto

17 May 2015
We snorkeled a place called Thunderball Grotto, it is near Staniel Cay in the Bahamas. Our trip there from Georgetown was a quick one, we had good wind and the waves were following. What a difference that make, let me tell you!
The water at the Grotto is teeming with fish, we brought bread to feed them, and they were ready in numbers.
Check out the video;

Tugboats and Trees Don't Mix

05 May 2015
We took a road trip south of Clarence Town on Long Island Bahamas to a place called Diamond Crystal. It is called Diamond Crystal because the salt company by the same name had a huge operation here until the Bahamas government wanted too much in taxes, and the company simply pulled out. It is an amazing complex of salt ponds and canals, designed to allow water to flow into huge shallow ponds, and evaporate, leaving the salt behind.
Our tour guide for the day, was Kathy Rose, a native of this island that grew up right here, in the Diamond Crystal complex. Her father was a tugboat captain, among other things, and she had a house right here on the Diamond Crystal property on the beach. It is abandoned now, as is the entire place, and slowly nature is taking the entire place back.
The tugboat her father ran was called the Carmen, and it is still at Diamond Crystal, now anchored in sand. The harbor is awash with sand now, completely filled in. The once proud tugboat still faces the opening to the sea that once was, but is now sitting on dry land.
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Magical Conception Island Bahamas

30 April 2015
We decided to spend a few days on Conception Island, a No-Take Zone and protected by the Bahamas Land and Sea Park. It is a totally uninhabited island, full of beautiful corals, birds and sea creatures. We toured a saltwater creek by dingy, and swam with stingrays. We saw the rare Long Tailed Tropical Sea Birds, and even met a gigantic albino turtle. It was a magical trip, and a great time. If you are ever down near Long Island, check out Conception Island. It is a natural wonderland, not to be missed.
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Long Island Lochabar

26 April 2015 | Lochabar, Long Island, Bahamas
We spent some time in an area known as Lochabar, here in Long Island. The area is very close to Clarence Town, the capital of the island. When most of us think of a capital, we picture a capital building, and perhaps a governor's mansion and state legislature buildings. Not here in Clarence Town, the Flying Fish Marina is here, as is a couple of small motels. There is a really old church here, a landmark in town. That's about it. We were not here for the town tour though, we headed around the corner to Lochabar, a beautiful area bay, surrounded by white sandy beaches. And one house. Our local friends help manage the place, called Lochabar Lodge, and it is on the Explorer Charts for Clarence Town. It is a great place to stay, contact me if you want more information, I will put you in touch with my local friend.
We had a great barbeque there, and relaxed in the shade of the Australian pines in the backyard. It was great!
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Here is a short video of some interesting fish in Lochabar. They are seeking safety in, of all things, an abandoned fish pen!
Youtube, Fish in Lochabar

Having Fun in Long Island Bahamas

21 April 2015
We have been in Thompson bay for a few days now, and have a car courtesy of our friends that moved here a few years ago. The island in very interesting, with changing scenery every mile or so, and very welcoming people. Long Island was first "discovered" by Christopher Columbus in 1492, and we drove to the north end of the island to the White Cliffs area to see the monument placed there. We also got some help from a giant, and were able to continue on our way!
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Big Majors Pigs

13 April 2015
We got to Big Majors Spot in the Exumas and dropped anchor in the beautiful clear water. Our dog, Guincha, needed a shore trip so we got the dingy down and ran her in. The beach was crowded with pigs! We didn't realize that this was the pig beach, but we were here and so were they! One pig didn't like our dog Guincha, and when Guincha squatted to pee, the sow charged her, and tried to bite her. She missed, Guincha was just too fast. Check out our full blog at
Chris and Joyce
SV Saltrun
Vessel Name: Saltrun
Vessel Make/Model: Manta 38 Catamaran
Hailing Port: Key West
Crew: Chris and Joyce
About: We have a great sailboat, a Manta catamaran made in Florida. We are still learning to sail, but we haven't let that stop us. Just the dumb stuff we do stops us. Still, it sure beats going to work!
Extra: We are sailing with our dog, a Portuguese Podengo named Guincha. She is in charge, just ask her.
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Sailing 'Saltrun'

Who: Chris and Joyce
Port: Key West