The Samantha-Hope

28 December 2009 | Callaway Florida
27 December 2009 | Panama City, FL

Cleaning, Organizing, Recharging

28 December 2009 | Callaway Florida
Beatiful Day
My goal today was:
Clean and Paint Engine
Start Engine
Hookup Bilge Pump
Clean out the inside and remove the cushions.
Ready her for her first day sail next week.

What I accomplished:
Cleaned and Painted Engine

Could not start the engine because even after charging the batteries proved to be shot.

Found that the cushions are in better shape than I expected and will just need to re-cover. But for now, even though I don't like them, they will do for sure.

Polished up the wood and cleaned her inside pretty well. I was pleased that when I put polish on the wood, most of it came back really nicely. There are only a few areas that need some stain work and it will be just fine. I will eventually change the galley counter tops, but that is down the road a bit.

It was a bit frustrating, but pleased as punch that she is looking so much better inside with a little TLC. I have dear friend joining me shortly so we can take her out together after replacing some of the rigging.

We will still need to do the renaming of the boat, but likely will not do this until we get her moved to her permanent home.

Getting Close to Moving Her

27 December 2009 | Panama City, FL
There will be many more posts, but this is just the first out of the gate.

I got this boat after falling in love with her in her tattered and torn state. She had all the makings of what I wanted, and with an able mechanic and refinishing crew, her top side is looking great and her engine is running great too. I'll be checking the batteries and testing all the systems tomorrow, pulling all the cushions and taking them to be redone. Getting closer to full restoration every week.
Vessel Name: Samantha-Hope
Vessel Make/Model: 1981 27' Watson Yacht
Hailing Port: Panam City, Fl
Extra: The Samantha-Hope is my first boat. She is a bit of a project boat, but after an engine overhaul, a full compound and shine on the deck, she's very close to her first move under my command. Lots more to do, who knows what adventures are around the corner.
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Port: Panam City, Fl