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In a Chesapeake frame of mind

06 October 2013 | Chestertown, MD
I recently told Chrisy that we needed to keep moving because we should visit St. Michaels, Tighlman Island, Solomon's Island and the Chester River. She calmly replied that we could spend four days in each of those places and still have half of the month of October to visit other spots on the Bay. Good point. So we took what are becoming to be known as a "Chrisy Day" and hung out for one more day in the mouth of the Turner Creek off of the Sassafras River. Some of us are doing a better job than others of getting into a cruising/Chesapeake frame of mind.

At the risk of jinxing ourselves, the weather has been spectacular. The other day the weather people were talking about a low that would come on Sunday evening and die out on Monday. We barely saw a cloud. It has been sunny in the mid 70s during the day and 50s at night. The solar panel is loving life and doing more than keeping up with our energy needs. It feels nice to have a balanced boat from an energy standpoint and not need to run the engine while we're in the harbors just to keep up with the energy needs. It all works as long as it's sunny!

Havre de Grace - pronounced with the long "a" like the thing that you say before dinner - was a perfect stop over for us last weekend. We were able to do some shopping, laundry and had a wonderful visit from Courtney, Janie, and Scott - so nice to see the newlyweds in their matrimonial bliss. They brought us our first mail drop and a couple of delicious hoagies from Wawa. It's pretty nice to get two weeks worth of mail and go through it in 45 minutes.

After our stops at Havre de Grace and Turner Creek, we moved 5 miles up the Sassafras River to the Georgetown/Fredericktown area where we anchored well out in the harbor. This has always been a special area for me as not only did we come here 14 years ago with the children but my parents used to cruise from this area back in the 50's. A few of the marinas may have added a slip or two but the place is pretty much the way that it has been for years.

On Wednesday of this past week, we made the big move from the Sassafras River to the Chester River, still on the eastern shore of the Bay. After a very quiet evening on anchor on the Grays Inn Creek, we headed north up the Chester River to Chestertown, the hometown for Washington College. This is, by far, the cutest, quaintest town we have visited thus far. Everyone is so friendly here and excited to welcome us to the town. Between the "First Friday" event on Friday night where the entire community is invited to all the merchants' stores and offices for wine, beer and food, and the Farmers Market the following morning, we have been properly introduced to this community. Chrisy pulled some muscles in her back earlier in the week and was fortunate to meet a chiropractor in town that has worked some magic on her back so she can resume some of her First Mate responsibilities in the next day or so. Looks like we will stay for the weekend in Chestertown and then start to move across the Chesapeake Bay to stage our next destination, the Annapolis Boat Show over Columbus Day weekend.

Yes, I would say that we are in a Chesapeake frame of mind.....
Vessel Name: Sanderling
Vessel Make/Model: Island Packet 45
Hailing Port: Jamestown, RI

Port: Jamestown, RI