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A pretty perfect day

18 October 2014 | Deltaville, VA
We stayed an extra day in Reedville on Wednesday 10/15 to let the nasty weather pass - a nice decision - most of the time we just put our heads down and plow through the bad weather - how bad can it be? It was a good decision as the weather was every bit as nasty as predicted.

Thursday we were greater with 10-15 mph of wind out of the southwest and we were basically trying to go south - so a little close hauled for Sanderling who doesn't like to get too close to the wind. The chop in the Bay was very moderate and it felt nice to be under sail after so much motoring. We've put about 80 hours on the engine so far. As the day progressed the wind clocked nicely to the west and we were basically able to head for our harbor with one tack at the end of the day. On our approach to Deltaville the seas moderated as we came into the lea of the western shore and the breeze held and Sanderling was loving life. One of those sails when you say, " Do I really have to put the sails away?"

Made it through the narrow channel, got the anchor down, Casey walked, showers at the local yacht club, and back to Sanderling for drinks Graham and Wendy - two friends we met last year who have had some spectacular adventures - great to catch up.
Vessel Name: Sanderling
Vessel Make/Model: Island Packet 45
Hailing Port: Jamestown, RI

Port: Jamestown, RI