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Random acts...

04 November 2014

Random acts of kindness are always great, whether you are responsible for them or the recipient. In the cruising world, we find ourselves surrounded by kindness. Fellow cruisers are always looking out for you, always extending a helpful hand, offering recommendations, inviting you over for a sundowner and/or a meal, etc.

Just this past week, we experienced several random acts of kindness. As we mentioned in an earlier blog, we were given the "red carpet treatment" in New Bern, NC by our fellow cruisers, Bill and Sandy, as well as Bev and Arnie who we met last year cruising. They aren't cruising this year but hosted us for a weekend in New Bern - they could not have been kinder, nor more hospitable.

When we were in Cape Lookout, NC, we were anchored with one other boat, Meander, a 50+ foot sailboat, owned by Wayne. We spoke briefly with Wayne on the beach and learned he was planning to go offshore the following day to Wrightsville Beach, NC, his home port. So were we, so we decided to travel together. Wayne was single handling his sailboat - very admirable as the weather conditions were not that pleasant as we raised the anchor and set off. For the first couple of hours, Wayne kept checking in with us on the VHF to make sure we were okay.... And he was the one single handling his sails, skirting Navy warships, etc.

When we arrived in Wrightsville Beach, we helped Wayne dock his boat and had the pleasure of meeting his wife, Mary. They were so grateful that we helped them with their dock lines that they started extending gracious offers to make our stay more pleasant- an extra slip for us to dock on if we wanted; ability to leave the dinghy at this dock rather than going further upriver to the public dock; an invitation to be their guests at a Oyster Fest (which we declined due to leaving Casey in the inclement weather); a hotel room to get a good night sleep - or just to take a shower- as they own a beautiful hotel right in WB by the anchorage; and offered their cars whenever we needed them. Such kindness.

On Saturday, Chrisy went to get a flu shot about a mile away. Unfortunately, a storm was passing through and Chrisy was caught at a CVS pharmacy.....a 70ish year old woman, Paula, was so pleased to give Chrisy a ride back to the anchorage. As Chrisy got out of the car, Paula took Chrisy's hand and shared a Chinese proverb, wishing her safe travels!

Our next port of call - Carolina Beach - we dropped the anchor and within 30 minutes, we were invited over for cocktails and an amazing dinner by a couple who just moved to Carolina Beach and were renting a home overlooking the anchorage! Casey too! All night long, they kept "thanking us" for joining them for dinner....!!!!! And yet, we were the guests! And they made us promise that we would stop by on our way north next spring for another visit!

The random acts of kindness that we are constantly experiencing are just one of the many virtues of cruising. We hope you have been treated to a few kind gestures today - and offered some yourself!
Vessel Name: Sanderling
Vessel Make/Model: Island Packet 45
Hailing Port: Jamestown, RI

Port: Jamestown, RI