A history of the equipment I have broken, the money I have squandered, and the compromising situations I have put myself and others in while sailing.

10 November 2008 | Lanier
10 November 2008 | 34 10'52N 84 00'16W
09 November 2008 | Lake Lanier
08 November 2008 | Atlanta, GA
08 November 2008 | Lake Lanier

Hey, this is fun!

10 November 2008 | Lanier
We've been out 20 or so times this season. On our first voyage i had all responsibilities...tiller, sail handling, navigation and keeping my beverages fresh. As time went on i deferred the tiller responsibilities to Lesleigh.

I made a reservation at Old Federal Campground on Lanier. I invited a few friends to camp over the weekend. I billed it as the "End of Summer Sip, Sail and Sleep Under the Stars." I invited my neighbor, Colin Dean, to sail with me from the ramp to the campsite.

Colin got the hang of it really quick and i found my self with only one responsibility, galley wench. This is a testament both to Colin's 'quick study' nature, and the ease of operating the San Juan 21. Needless to say, i recycled a lot of aluminum the following Monday.

We ended up having an awesome sail. I asked Colin his first impressions of the sport, "Generally anything that doesn't require me to be dependent on other people is pretty cool." That about sums up more than one sailor's heart.

Holiday Beach

10 November 2008 | 34 10'52N 84 00'16W
Here's Holiday Beach, about 4 nm NNE of Tidwell Access. It was a good place to beach and lunch on Lanier.

Sink or Swim

09 November 2008 | Lake Lanier
After some toying with the deck, locating and installing a used mast and rigging, i picked up the remaining essentials, a motor, battery, etc.

One important test had to be passed before the real fun...better make sure she floats!

Our plan was to take her to the boat ramp at Tidwell Access, on the west side of Lanier, drop her in, and park the truck. If she was still floating we'd jump in and take her for a spin. If she wasn't floating, we'd get back in the truck and drive off before anybody noticed.

As luck would have it we had our first sail that day. Of course, one good turn deserves a wicked one...and damn if that storm didn't roll up fast! The wind was getting spirited and the sails livened up. We hit a bout 20*'s of heel. I was having a ball, so when Lesleigh drew my attention the oncoming squall i did my best to assure her it was passing to our west.

It took about three minutes before it was on top of us. Pelting rain drops. 30 knot gusts. Brilliant lightning patterns lit the sky. What comes next is probably more interesting text, in the intrest of not appearing totally inept, i will omit the details. However, while we huddled in the cabin, beached on at golf course's shore, waiting out the lightning and staying away from everything metal...we managed to select which piece of equipment would be our next anchor.

Here is a picture of me freezing after the storm passed.

Some work on the cabin.

08 November 2008 | Atlanta, GA
The previous owner donated Shazam! to Boat Angles. When i won the bid, i knew there were some problems. When i saw her in fiberglass for the first time it became apparent what an incredible deal i got.

The extent of the damage... The previous owner's son-in-law was loading her on the trailer one day, and i guess everything wasn't just right. She fell off the trailer on the driver's side. Crushed the cabin top and bent the 25' mast into two 12.5' masts.

Here is a pic of the cabin top getting torn up. Don't tell the purists, i used glass impregnated epoxy instead of balsa. No port list, though.

Pics/Activity to Date.

08 November 2008 | Lake Lanier
It started with this Ebay listing. I'd been sneaking around on the internet for several months, looking at boats. I'd make a bid periodically, Ebay would send me a confirmation. This would have me checking the web mail and deleting Ebay correspondence to make sure Lesleigh wouldn't see my activity.
When i wrote in $150 for this bid on a Boat Angles donation, i never imagined i'd get an email saying i won the item. I had a little fun with Lesleigh, explaining how we just bought a boat. She was livid...until she heard the price.
Vessel Name: Shazam!
Vessel Make/Model: Clark San Juan 21
Hailing Port: Lakewood Heights, Atlanta
Crew: Kenan Suberk
Extra: Founding Member, Lakewood Yacht Club. "The only yacht club on 22 inch rims!"
Home Page: Shazam!
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Who: Kenan Suberk
Port: Lakewood Heights, Atlanta