SV Saracen's Travels

Sailing the world slowly - West is best

Grenada Saint Geroge’s 13th June to xxxx

13/6 Saint Georges

This morning the rolling is getting worse. We move to the west entrance and it's no better . Had enough so we set off to Saint George's ... we lift anchor and unroll the Genoa and sail all the way .

We pick up...

Leg 7/21 - Prickly Bay to Saint George’s

We move anchorage in Prickly Bay closer to the eastern shore to see if we can get out of the swell , its tight and we make there attempts at anchoring before settling we give it an hour and the swell is still as bad . So we decide to move round to Saint...

Grenada Prickly Bay 6th June to 13 th June

We move round to prickly bay again this is an even shorter sail only some 3 NM or so, we have read that this anchorage can be rolly at times ...... and this is certainly true ..but we have been in worse.

Our first task is a trip to Saint...

Grenada - St Davids and Clarke Court 23/5 to 5/6

Whilst we recognise that we had set off way too early we are down in Grenada approximately 4 weeks too early, but it doesn't really matter as the sun is still shining.

For our yacht insurance to be valid we need to be below 12 degrees 07 minute...

Leg 7-20 Sailing Carriacou to Grenada

We deliberated for a few days on route to take to get to Grenada go west or east , we finally decide on going down the east side this should give us wind all the way rather than getting into the wind shadow of the island if we went west. .


Carriacou 11 th May to 23 rdMay

We arrived on Carriacou on the 11 rd May anchoring at the outside of teh bay near the red tug boat , next to Fiddlers Green our friends 473.

We always like to be at the back that way we're left alone however this is not the case as a Hanse...