12 February 2013 | Newport Beach doing boat work
21 November 2010 | Newport Beach CA
19 November 2010 | Newport Beach
17 November 2010 | Newport Beach California
17 November 2010 | Arizona desert :(

Windshift is a mess :(

19 November 2010 | Newport Beach
Wow this boat is A mess! The former owner, John Hart has not been out to her in over 4 years (he had a stroke). She reminds me of the scene in the movie Captian Ron where the Harvey family first sees the inside of the boat.

Today I emptied about 10 large trash bags from the interior of the boat. I have to keep reminding myself that this is an interim boat, that our primary motivation was the Newport Beach mooring and that we want to by a Gemini catamaran.

The outside was filthy also but the broker hired a crew to clean her. What a job! 4+ years of bird poop.


Vessel Name: Tropical Soul
Vessel Make/Model: Gemini Catamaran MC105
Hailing Port: Newport Beach CA
Crew: Ignacio Sardinas, Sheri Sardinas
About: Southern California Sailors ;)
Extra: Arrrgggggg

SV Tropical Soul

Who: Ignacio Sardinas, Sheri Sardinas
Port: Newport Beach CA