12 February 2013 | Newport Beach doing boat work
21 November 2010 | Newport Beach CA
19 November 2010 | Newport Beach
17 November 2010 | Newport Beach California
17 November 2010 | Arizona desert :(

Undisciplined blogger

12 February 2013 | Newport Beach doing boat work
Iggy and Its ffreaken cold
My level of discipline for blogging is really low. since my last post over 2 years ago, we have purchased a Gemini Catamaran and widdeled away 26 months of life. In that time we sold our old sloop SV Windshift and have slowly worked on the the many issues with the little cat.

I think I need to develop a little bloggers discipline. Perhaps a catch up of the past 26 months is in order.
Vessel Name: Tropical Soul
Vessel Make/Model: Gemini Catamaran MC105
Hailing Port: Newport Beach CA
Crew: Ignacio Sardinas, Sheri Sardinas
About: Southern California Sailors ;)
Extra: Arrrgggggg

SV Tropical Soul

Who: Ignacio Sardinas, Sheri Sardinas
Port: Newport Beach CA