16 April 2012 | Indialantic, Florida

Welcome Me Aboard

16 April 2012 | Indialantic, Florida
Sassy the Sailor
Welcome Me Aboard the good ship SailBlogs!

Having long been a member of Sea Knots it is hoped that adding SAILBLOGS will enhance my safety at sea while meeting new friends. Of all the things I have learned during my sailing career it is to make friends with sailors rather than get annoyed and disappointed trying to make my friends into sailors. With that being said, "ARRRRRRR" I snarl, let's get busy.

For starters I am trying to figure out a way to make a template for my boat's name that can be imported into word processing systems such as this one. The challenge is that my boat's name is SPRAY 3, pronunced Spray cubed, or SPRAY to the 3rd power. I need to make the 3 a superscript, as one might in scientific notation. Any suggestions?

Proceeding along the waterways I am about to embark on a coastal/offshore cruise from Port Canaveral to Sandy Hook, NJ with a leg over to Bermuda. With the Gulf Stream heading north easterly it seems stopping at the pink sanded island would be easier on my travels to Sandy Hook. However, one of my favorite crew can only make the Bermuda leg on the return from Sandy Hook. Certainly, I am toying with two stops in Bermuda.

Funny, that soon after discovering this blog I went to my bookshelf to randomly select a favorite read. Would you believe I opened the page of "Maiden Voyage" to Tania's reflection when she first arrived in Bermuda. "I was most certainly the only girl on the small island to have sailed there by herself, and damn proud of it." Well, I certainly won't be the first, nor the youngest, but damn proud I will be.

Be assurred I am not after any type of record breaking feat. Simply, I want to follow my heart, my dream which began at the onset of my school counseling career. With retirement in sight, my departure date is set for May 29, 2012.
Fair winds, I say, time to untie the lines.

Vessel Name: SPRAY 3
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