n. scah-pah-TELL'-ah 1. Italian word for "escapade"; an adventurous, unconventional act or undertaking 2. a journey with a little bit of intrigue; the secret escapade of two lovers 3. an affair, or in Rome, "a quickie in the bushes"

17 April 2010 | Green Island, Antigua to Fajardo, Puerto Rico
10 March 2010 | Bequia
08 March 2010 | Martinique
20 February 2010 | St. Vincent & The Grenadines
30 January 2010 | Bequia (St. Vincent & The Grenadines)
28 January 2010 | St. Lucia
25 January 2010 | St. Lucia
15 January 2010 | Green Island, Antigua
12 January 2010 | Green Island, Antigua
05 January 2010 | Back in Falmouth Harbor, Antigua
04 January 2010 | just south of Jolly Harbor, Antigua
01 January 2010 | Great Bird Island, Antigua
30 December 2009 | Parham, Antigua
29 December 2009 | Rabbit & Redhead Islands, Antigua
26 December 2009 | North Sound, Antigua
22 December 2009 | Antigua
19 December 2009 | St. Croix, USVI
14 December 2009 | Christensaid, St. Croix
10 December 2009 | Christiansted, St. Croix
09 December 2009 | Somewhere in the Caribbean Sea

The Art of Libations

14 December 2009 | Christensaid, St. Croix
The weather is still bad for our crossing to Antigua, so one afternoon I decide to explore some of the art galleries of Christensaid. (Louis passes). As I'm walking along I'm distracted by a sign advertising the cheapest and best selection of rum in the Caribbean, coupled with a high-end jewelry shop. I guess these shops are targeted at cruise ship customers, who apparantly like to buy a lot of gold jewelry and duty-free liquor. I forego the bling (same shit, different island...and I'm more of a silver-girl anyway), but I do have fun stocking up on Bombay Sapphire Gin and Absolute Vodka at $12 per liter. And then I spy what I'm really after: RUM. Now, I've never been much of a rum-girl but last year our friends Stefan and Monique from "Lazarina" shared some special Martinique aged sipping rum with us. Wow - it was incredible! I've been in search of that bottle ever since. And there it is: a beautiful - and huge - bottle of rum from Martinque at a mere $180! Hmmmm....I'm not sure I liked it THAT much, and we're headed to Martinique shortly, so I shift my gaze to a slender bottle of 10-year aged rum from Anguilla called "Pyrat". It's in my size and price range, but the girl behind the counter can tell me nothing about it. Curiosity and the Christmas spirit get the better of her and she opens up a little sample for me - and shares it with me, of course! It's quite tasty so I add that to my growing collection of liquor and wine piled on the counter. I never did make it to an art gallery, but our liquor cabinet is well stocked!
Vessel Name: Scappatella
Vessel Make/Model: Lafitte 44
Hailing Port: Coloma, CA
Crew: Louis Debret & Janet Maineri
Just Married!! (I guess we can't really say that anymore as it's now 2010!)
We bought our boat, previously named Enkidu, in Bonaire in May of '07. She's our 1st boat, and we looked long and hard to find her. (Like for a solid year-and-a-half!) We put her on the hard in Curacao for the [...]
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Our 1st 6 weeks in the, waxing, sanding, painting, organizing, etc.
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Who: Louis Debret & Janet Maineri
Port: Coloma, CA