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Bodrum to the Gulf of Korfezi

23 July 2019
Nerida Matthews
19-20 July
As we entered Bodrum harbour we passed a massive super yacht called Flying Fox. A quick 'google' indicated that she was the 14th largest yacht in the world and would have cost in excess of $400 million (US). Along with 'essential' features such as twin helipads, a 12m swimming pool, a cinema, and a 400m2 - 2 floor spa, Flying Fox accommodates 22 guests in VIP staterooms and 54 crew. Our internet search also indicated that Flying Fox is available for charter - anyone interested? However, there were no prices on the website, we suspect that if you have to ask 'how much?' then you cannot afford it! If you are interested in what $400 million (US) can buy, you can view the full specifications and photos online.

We spent our two days in Bodrum, getting washing done, cleaning SCII and reprovisioning. Bodrum is a busy tourist town, with the waterfront lined with gulets and restaurants. There were plenty of choices to eat out for dinner. The first night we ate a restaurant serving traditional Turkish fare (as they all do - no Chinese or Thai here!). The ambience was somewhat spoilt by the constant parade of scooters, cars (including a Maserati), buses and taxis along the road that separates the restaurant strip from the waterfront, although it was a good place for people watching. We were pleasantly surprised when a band set up to play traditional Turkish music. The band consisted of drum, guitar and a kanun, which is a Turkish version of a zither. They were very good and this made for a great night. As we walked back to SCII we were treated to a firework display which was originating from the St Peter's Castle across the harbour.

We had a few boat related items on our shopping list and had hoped to get them at a marina Chandlery. There was nothing available at the marina and all of the boat related shops were in an industrial area on the outskirts of the town. We caught a taxi and gave him the address - no problems, off we went toward the marina. No, wrong place. The driver rang a colleague who spoke English, but no he wanted to take us to the marina where we started from. Showed him the address again and off we went in the right general direction. After then using Google maps on our phone to direct the taxi we eventually found the place. None of the taxi drivers here have discovered GPS navigators and electronic maps........

Gulf of Kofezi
21-23 July
Today we are anchored off Asin Limani at the head of a large bay. The adjacent hill has the ruins of the ancient city of Iassus, a few ruins only remain and include a Byzantine fort at the top of the hill. The water here is very green from a river that runs into this bay. After a long trip on Sunday around the coast we are spending a few days just doing short trips exploring along this part of Turkey. This area is quite different from where we have been, much of the coastline has building developments on it - white concrete boxes laid out in grid patterns. Not very appealing to us as a land-based holiday destination. There are also a lot of very large fish farms in this gulf, one suspects much of the restaurant seafood comes from around here.
Vessel Name: Southern Comfort II
Vessel Make/Model: Bavaria 47, 2009
Hailing Port: Melbourne, Australia
Crew: Glenn and Nerida Matthews
About: Having almost completed the charter yacht catalogue over the last 25 years, we are fulfilling our long term dream of living the endless summer. In April 2017 we purchased our yacht and plan to spend several months every year in the Med.
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