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27 April 2008 | Savannah Ga
23 April 2008 | Fernandina Beach, Florida
09 April 2008 | Jenson Beach, Fl
02 March 2008 | Miami Florida
20 February 2008 | Miami Florida
07 February 2008 | Miami
29 January 2008 | West Palm Beach Florida
21 January 2008 | Melbourne Florida
22 December 2007 | Merritt Island
09 December 2007 | St. Augustine Florida
05 December 2007 | Beaufort
29 November 2007 | Isle of Palms
24 November 2007 | Wrightsville Beach, NC
15 November 2007 | Bayboro to Beaufort NC
12 November 2007 | BayBoro NC
21 October 2007 | Bayboro, NC
02 October 2007 | Bayboro, Nc
15 July 2007 | Bayboro NC
30 April 2007 | St. Martin Na

Fernandina Beach Fl to Savannah Ga

27 April 2008 | Savannah Ga
Scott Sewell
We have spent the past 7 days traveling 8 to 9 hours per day. We have made excellent time, despite the North and North East Winds of 20 - 25 knots... We spent a great deal of time planning so the we used the tides to our favor, particularly getting through some of the SHALLOW AREAS on a high tide and still using the currents. Ga has been very pretty and it was a nice surprise after all the horror stories we have heard. Thunder storms are forecast for the next 2 days so we are hold up at a marina Just east of Savannah, Ga. Hopefully we will leave early Tuesday Morning and make Beaufort SC and continue on from there. Stay Tuned.....

Central Florida to North Florida

23 April 2008 | Fernandina Beach, Florida
Scott Sewell
We left Canaveral on Saturday and really made great time going north. We spent the night in New Smyrna Beach,then in Palm Coast and north of St. Augustine. We have been able to travel about 50 miles per day up to this point. The Palm Coast Resort Marina is awesome, very friendly and accommodating.... Can't say enough nice things about them. Thank you very much!

A Low Pressure system has developed off the coast of SC and is heading our way so we are hold up in Fernandina Beach. We hope to be able to leave in the morning on a rising tide. GA is very shallow and with our draft, we have had to plan very carefully. We are sure that we will not make 50 miles a day through GA.

We finally left Miami......

09 April 2008 | Jenson Beach, Fl
Scott Sewell
We finally left the Miami Area and are now headed back north. It is a bitter sweet departure! We met so many great people while in Miami and will miss them tremendously, however, it was time to leave. We will be back!!!!! We are currently in Jenson Beach and hope to be in Melbourne or Cocoa by the weekend. We have learned to use the tides to our advantage and that is really helpful. We have long days and short days and this will continue on for the next several days to come. Today was a short day, with only 6 bridges and a pretty rough inlet. Anyone who plans to travel through Jupiter inlet, be aware there are 2 bridges on either side of the inlet that rise very slowly. We planned it at a slack high tide and it was not to bad. On the way down, we almost took out the Jupiter Federal bridge the current was so strong! On the positive side, they have dredged the inlet and there is good water through the inlet now. A cold front is scheduled to arrive sometime on Sunday, so we will most likely head to a marina for a couple of days. For those who are monitoring this, I will do better of posting stuff - I have been slack!
Vessel Name: Second Wind
Vessel Make/Model: Bristol 40, 1980
Hailing Port: Bath, NC
Crew: Scott Sewell and Patrick Williams
About: It all started in a pub in St. Martin. "Scott I think we can do this" the rest is history
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We have moved onto second wind and our cats are adjusting well. Will be leaving on our journey in a couple of days.
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Our trip from Bath NC to Bayboro NC to have work done on the boat
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Life on Second Wind

Who: Scott Sewell and Patrick Williams
Port: Bath, NC