Seabird Voyages

14 May 2012 | Still at BSM
14 May 2012 | Bahia Santa Maria just N of Magdalena Bay
27 April 2012 | Fresno
27 April 2012 | Marina Riviera Nayarit
06 April 2012 | N N'N:E E'E, Pasadena
31 January 2012 | Marina Riviera Nayarit MX
30 January 2012 | Mid-way point
24 January 2012 | Bahia Santa Maria
21 January 2012 | South Coronado Island, Mexico
30 October 2011 | Prisoner's Harbor, Santa Cruz Island
25 April 2011 | Off Newport Beach
08 April 2011 | South of Todos Santos and Ensenada
04 April 2011 | East of Cedros Island
04 December 2010 | The Marina at La Cruz de Huanacaxle
24 October 2010 | San Diego
19 July 2010 | Ventura Yacht Club
13 June 2010 | San Diego
16 May 2010 | South of Pt Loma
11 May 2010 | Turtle Bay

Cruiser Lunch at La Palapa

11 May 2010 | Turtle Bay
Over the 6 day layover in Turtle Bay waiting for another weather window I met many folks doing the same Bash back to California. The best event was a great lunch at La Palapa often overlooked by cruisers doing the Baja Haha because it is to the far right of the pier facing the beach. On the 7th day (Friday 14 May) there was a mass exodus to the north. Some lingered along the way but several of us went non-stop to (60 hours) San Diego. That was an advantage to checking out at Cabo. Some did a sail-by VHF checkout with the Port Captain at Ensenada but the whole story on that is not complete.
Vessel Name: Seabird
Vessel Make/Model: Swan 51 #27
Hailing Port: San Diego Homeport Ventura Yacht Club
Crew: Lou, Marge, Wytie and Sally
After 4 Baja Haha's we decided to stay in Fresno until after all the holidays and migrate to Mexico after the New Year. This should be a cooler but more relaxed trip to La Cruz via Puerto Los Cabos. I will miss flying "Big Red" but the 2 asymetricals will be much more relaxing. [...]
Extra: Much to do to prepare for another Mexican winter. near wifi off-shore text only
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Just good times in early 2012
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Created 28 April 2012
Smoother trip to Santa Cruz Island
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Created 6 November 2011
Summer fun with grand-children
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Created 24 September 2011
Turtle Bay, San Carlos and San Quintin to San Diego
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Created 24 September 2011
January - March 2011
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Created 24 September 2011
People and places encountered over this period.
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Created 5 December 2010
Marge made the calm crossing of the Sea of Cortez. In La Cruz we met up with old and new friends and then flew up to S an Diego for Chris and Jean's 40th birthday party.
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Created 4 December 2010
Just some pictures of our great crew. Phil and Joann were back for a 3rd trip with us.
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Created 4 December 2010
Some dinners and guests. Mostly at night because that is the most pleasant time during the summer.
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Created 4 December 2010
Scenes from Seabird Boot Camps in Fresno, Pasadena and Ventura
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Created 4 December 2010
San Diego fun with kids and on to Sailing Camp at VYC
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Created 3 December 2010
The bash, BBQ at PLC and San Diego
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Created 3 December 2010
Half way through the Southern Crossing they arrived. Many spent the night and three went to PLC.
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Created 19 August 2010
Yard work, Pasadena people and Houston
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Created 26 April 2010
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Created 22 March 2010
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Created 22 March 2010
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Created 24 February 2010
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San Diego to La Cruz
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