Bert terHart's Epic Journey

Bert, a resident of Gabriola island, BC, left Victoria on Vancouver Island for his lifelong dream of sailing single-handed around the world, west to east, via the five capes, using only celestial navigation, and all in seven months.

Rarotongan Dusk

To the East, Rarotonga. To the West sunset. We are between the two, close enough it seems to reach with outstretched arms and touch both at the same time.

We are hove to, some 13 miles off awaiting some Shoreteam fancy footwork and magic all...


Crossing latitude 23 30S headed north means you've bounced over the Tropic of Capricorn and entered the tropics proper.

This sunset was my reward and, considering last week's shenanigans, hard-earned.

The world it would seem,

Land Ho!!

Land Hoooooooo!!

The Falkland Islands slipped below the horizon more than 5 months ago. That was the last bit of land I saw. The last bit of civilization I saw, save for 1 smallish plastic container in the middle of the South Indian Ocean, was a...


Surely you must think that I have lost it and while away the miles making up words. Not so. Lolligag is a favourite. I bust it out whenever I can because it always makes me smile.

We are, jn fact, lolligagging. The wind refuses to rise above 6...

Lazy Daze

After duking it out with the trough that would not quit for the better part of a week, today could not have been cast more different.

We laze our way NNE at our leisure while the outside of the boat is festooned with clothes, towels, rain gear,...


Three nights ago now we lay hove to on starboard tack by streaming a Fiorentino Shark slowing drogue off the bow. The drogue stops the boats tendency to drift downwind too quickly and therefore out of the protective slick created by the boat's underbody. This...


There are no pictures. I could only think of one that would do my mood justice I could not figure out how to take it. The picture I would have added here would have been something akin to me with my head in the head, one hand banging the seat continuously on...

Endings (b)

A good day. Nay, a grand day well begun and equally ended.

Endings (a)

This day ends as it had begun. A sunset to compete with sunrise. All day we have idled under the Zero and full main, the clouds sailing overhead paying us no heed. We have not been plagued with their usual companions, gusts and showers. It has been our easiest...


At long last, and after many months, the sky and clouds tell no lies. Today, there will be no surprises. Today, the light air sails can be flown with neither worry nor a weather eye. The Code Zero, dormant since we were last in this Ocean and in these...