Bert terHart's Epic Journey

Bert, a resident of Gabriola island, BC, left Victoria on Vancouver Island for his lifelong dream of sailing single-handed around the world, west to east, via the five capes, using only celestial navigation, and all in seven months.

Off and running

Off and running, or more correctly, beating. It is a bit of out of the frying pan and into the fire as we are currently going north as fast as possible to clear a small but vigorous low that is due here on Thursday.

The shallow bank north and east of the Falklands isn't doing us any favours either. The sea is a jumbled mess of waves grotesquely misshapen by the current. It is not exactly comfortable down below as Seaburban stumbles from crest to trough as if drunk.

The crystal clear blue sky and sun are the only saving graces and our sole companions. We are at sea once more.