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Sailing into retirement: a Sea Change experience

16 July 2008 | Markham
16 July 2008 | Markham
13 July 2008 | Markham
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16 July 2008 | Markham
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Time Closing In

16 July 2008 | Markham
Sun at Last!
Today the weedy garden calls me - can't ignore it anymore. After next Wednesday, we'll be away for more than two weeks - yoga has to go this a.m. - household chores have to be taken care of - and why? because there's so much less time to be thinking I'll do it later. Those last three weeks after we get back from our cruise and before our departure could be crazy (or not). We're certainly working on ticking off everything that we want to get done - but it seems time now to shift into preparation gear - and admit I can't keep up being busy everyday and get ready too!

What Next?

13 July 2008 | Markham
Rain / Sun / Cloud / Rain .....
After a quick trip to Vancouver to attend Bob's sister and brother-in-law's anniversary party, we are heading up the lake to Waupoos for the our club's Cruising Squadron Rendezvous. This will be a kind of shake-down cruise where we can work with everything new on the boat - the new GPS, the radar, the davits to haul up and carry our new rigid inflatable boat (RIB). We'll try out the RIB itself while in Waupoos. During our trip up the lake and back, I expect we'll be reviewing all that we intend to get done once we are back. Our new autohelm arrives mid-August. Bob has talked of doing the installation himself - but time will be getting short by then. My preparation includes looking at whether to buy a pressure cooker for the galley, a better camera, a notebook computer for our onboard communications and for carrying with us when we go ashore. And should we rely on the antenna/signal booster that Sean has ordered for us from Tiger Direct or should I look into other options for Internet access? There's lots still to think of and do. We've been told that we will never be fully ready - that when the day comes, that will be the end of our preparations - and ready or not, we will cast off and go.
Vessel Name: Sea Change
Vessel Make/Model: Tartan 35 built in 2001
Hailing Port: Toronto
Crew: Bob and Carole Noble
About: As a teenager, Bob learned to sail in Sea Cadets and spent his summers at Cadet Camp on Vancouver Island. Carole's first sailing experiences began with the purchase of the first Noble Ontario sailboat in 1995. Since then Bob has been working away at making a sailor of his second in command.
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Sea Change

Who: Bob and Carole Noble
Port: Toronto