Sea Child: Big Cat Sailing Around the World

Tales of our journey around the world aboard our 56' Catamaran, Sea Child.

29 March 2015 | 10 13'N:95 05'E, Bay of Bengal
27 May 2014 | Pangkor Marina, Malaysia
26 September 2013 | 07 20'S:114 29'E, Enroute from Bali to Kumai, Kelimantan
30 August 2013 | 08 22'S:120 0'E, Gili Bodo, Komodo, Nusa Tengarra, Indonesia
14 August 2013 | 08 30'S:123 13'E, Kawula Island
14 August 2013 | 10 52'S:122 49'E, Nemberala Village, SE Rote
14 August 2013 | 10 09'S:123 34'E, Teddy's Bar, Kupang, East Nusa Tengarra, Indonesia
28 July 2013 | 11 06'S:125 40'E, Sahul Banks
27 July 2013 | 12 15'S:130 23'E, Offshore Darwin, Australia
26 June 2013 | 12 25'S:130 49'E, Fannie Bay, Darwin Sailing Club, Darwin, NT
26 June 2013 | 11 12'S:131 48'E, Alcaro Bay, Cape Don, NT
26 June 2013 | 11 01'S:132 33'E, Croker Island, Arnhem Land, NT, AUS
26 June 2013 | 11 33'S:133 23'E, North Goulburn Island, Arnhem Land, NT
26 June 2013 | 11 56'S:134 44'E, Cape Stewart, Arnhem Land, NT, AUS
26 June 2013 | 11 56'S:135 40'E, Elcho Island
14 June 2013 | 11 33'S:136 20'E, Gugari Rip, (Hole in the Wall), Wessel Islands, Northern Territory, AUS
14 June 2013 | 10 40'S:142 31'E, Cape York, Queensland
08 June 2013 | 11 57'S:143 12'E, Margaret Bay, Far North Queensland
03 June 2013 | 14 39'S:145 27'E, Lizard Island, Queensland, Australia
30 May 2013 | 15 27'S:145 14'E, Cooktown, Queensland, Australia

One Month Gone By

30 August 2013 | 08 22'S:120 0'E, Gili Bodo, Komodo, Nusa Tengarra, Indonesia
The Sail Indonesia Rally 2013 includes the Sail Komodo 2013 Rally, taking the fleet to several villages along the northern shore of Flores Island. The 6-week Sail Komodo Rally culminates in festivities at Labuan Bajo, the capital city of Flores Island, and highlights of this visit to Labuan Bajo will be a flotilla "sail-by" and gala dinner with the President of Indonesia. Every anchorage along the route, whether at a village or a picturesque island, keeps us busy with either boat projects or exploring the world around us. We are now at Gili Bodo, a beautiful little island surrounded by a picturesque coral reef system, pure white sand beach, even monkeys who play along the shoreline. There are two lobster farms here, where the locals charge $65 per lobster and sell them primarily to China.

After we left Maumere, we stopped at Batu Boga, another excellent anchorage just to the east of here, about 60NM away. There, we anchored in a tiny bay surrounded by high peaks, and with room for only about a dozen boats, the anchorage was also the night layover point for a dozen tiny fishing boats. They would sleep during the day, one man on board their tiny crafts, then their loud 2-stroke engines would fire up at around 3 am, taking them all offshore and through the sleepy rally fleet. The diving at Batu Boga was spectacular, the colors of the Indonesian reef a symphony of red and pink and blue and green corals, along with pipe coral and giant ear-shaped coral that had us convinced that the orchestra was well in session at 80' below the surface! The water clarity here is spectacular, though the bits of trash that float along the sea grass makes fishing impossible. We have tried to catch something to eat, anything, but have only scored one barracuda which we threw back. We have now resorted to approaching the local fishermen to buy directly from them, and save the frustrating efforts at fishing while underway.

Today we head to Labuan Bajo, well ahead of the rally. We are meeting up with Holly, Shaun & Kelsea, who arrive tomorrow for a 9-day visit. Andrew arrives the next day, and mid-week Carter & Brittany arrive. This is the first time in 4 years that all of our family will be together on Sea Child. We are excited to share the unique things we have found in Indonesia, and to discover even more as we visit the Komodo National Park in search of the infamous Komodo Dragon.
Vessel Name: Sea Child
Vessel Make/Model: 56' Aikane
Hailing Port: Lahaina, Hawaii
Crew: Eric & Tamara Barto
Eric & Tamara Barto hail from Maui, Hawaii. They currently own & operate a successful catamaran snorkel/sail company, Paragon Sailing Charters. Their circumnavigation is broken into legs, usually 2-3 months at sea, 2-3 months in Maui. [...]
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Who: Eric & Tamara Barto
Port: Lahaina, Hawaii