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Vessel Name: Seadition
Vessel Make/Model: 51' Morgan Out island
Hailing Port: St Petersburg, FL
Crew: Scott, Jada, Tori, Dottie, & Violet
About: Scott - Mighty Captain ; Jada - Loyal First Mate ; Victoria - Crew/ gallley slave ; Dottie- Fearless watch dog and child entertainment ; Vioet - Night Watch Cat and school mate to Tori.
******(This must be sung to the tune of Gilligan's Isle)**** Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, A tale of a fateful trip That started from St Petersburg, Aboard this wonderous ship. The Captain is a mighty sailing man, The First Mate brave and sure. Five passengers set sail [...]
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The Permann Family Adventures

Who: Scott, Jada, Tori, Dottie, & Violet
Port: St Petersburg, FL