Riding the Waves on Seahorse

Deep and Wide

Up at 6 off the dock at 7:00 - no issues with the engines. Slow go in the beginning- again lots of docks and large homes with massive retaining walls (see pics). It warmed up quickly and it clouded up quickly. We weren’t sure whether or not to wear our sunglasses or not.

The Waccamaw River was very deep and wide but again had several no wake zones. This really impeded how far we could go. We were going to stop at McClellanville, SC but we reached that by 2:00 so we decided to continue on. At this point we were shooting for Isle of Palms but when Ed called to the marina they were full. The other one was also full so we decided to anchor.

We turned into Price Creek at mile marker 86 ( just north of Isle of Palm). Ed found the spot to anchor however when Tom started to release it it got hung up. Tom and Cynthia went below, took off the cover to the anchor chain and found that there was a snag in the chain. They pulled a lot out until they reached the snag and then Tom went back up and was able to let out the chain. In fact he let more out until all of the chain was released, then brought it back in to the amount needed. One more problem solved.

After all was said and done we had our drinks and munchies on the top deck to watch the sunset. We finally are using the grill!! Having hamburgers and sweet potato fries on the grill. Topped off the dinner with chocolate pudding.

Still watching the election results and still on pins and needles. Maybe tomorrow

Traveled 81.47 nm in 10 hrs