Riding the Waves on Seahorse

The long and winding road (aka ICW)

A peaceful night at anchor, although Ed was slightly uneasy, this being the first time anchoring Seahorse. As it turned out, the anchor held and we were in the same place we were when we dropped the hook - success!

Pulled anchor at 7:00 and continued our journey south. Current was with us initially as we passed Charleston but like anything else all good things come to an end. For the most part we're averaging 8-9kts.

For the most part it was an uneventful day again with long docks across the grasslands to the boat lifts in the water. It also was a very winding part of the ICW. We were constantly turning right then left and back again. We wove our way to Beaufort, S.C. (phonetically Bufort) and tied up at the gas dock at Safe Harbor Marina, just after the swing bridge at mile 536. Unfortunately the fuel pumps were not working, but we were going to stay here overnight anyway. They will try again later or hopefully tomorrow before we leave.

Ed washed down the boat, filled the water and Tom and Cynthia took a stroll along the waterfront and in the marina. We looked at some restaurants to buy from and ended up ordering pizza and wings. Tom and Ed and Tom went to pick it up while Cynthia took a shower.

Pizza was pretty good, with only 2 small pieces left. Tom took a shower after dinner so we are now all squeaky clean.

Statistics for the day:
Left at 6:27 and arrived in Beaufort at 2:46 pm. We traveled 76 miles avg. 9.26nm/hr.