Riding the Waves on Seahorse

Finally Florida

Last night we had decided to stay at Jekyll on Monday due to the weather forecast. We talked about having bacon and eggs for breakfast since we didn't have to rush or get going. However as we were eating our muffins from yesterday and were looking at the weather we decide to go.

We left the dock at 8:45 and had made reservations at Beacon Marine at Jacksonville Beach, about 64 miles away. However as it neared 1:00pm and we were almost there we decided to push on and go to St. Augustine. As I write this it is 3:50 and we should arrive there about 5:00. We made reservations to stay at Camachee Island (Tom-and Cynthia stayed there on their way down).

The weather has held, no rain. We did have some gusty winds (32 kts) but nothing the boat or crew couldn't handle. We are glad we made the decision to go!

We passed through St. Mary's, Fernandina Beach, St. John's River, Jacksonville Beach and finally to St. Augustines. All day it was partly sunny or overcast (high clouds) but of course as we were ready to dock the rain came and the wind picked up. The channels in this marina are very tight and Ed needed to back in. As he was backing up a gust of 25kts. took the bow to port but thankfully we had 3 people on the dock to toss the lines to. Ed did and excellent job in backing it in and within a few minutes we were tied up and all relieved!

While Ed and Tom were shutting everything down Cynthia cooked some hamburger to put in the spaghetti sauce for tonight's dinner. We then had some drinks and cheese and crackers and wound down.
We had dinner and discussed our plans for Tuesday and decided to go to Titusville 100 miles away. We were all exhausted and turned in very early -7:30. We have a long day ahead of us.

We traveled 77.94nm in 8hrs. 14min. at a rate of 9.45nm/hr