Riding the Waves on Seahorse

Two more days??

We were prepared to leave at 6:30am and a Ed decided to get fuel since it was right at the dock. However they didn't open till 7:30 so we didn't take off until 8:15. When they first started pumping it was going about a gal.every 2 minutes. Tom said something and the man reprimed it and it finally started going faster.

Weather when we left was partly cloudy and 78 degrees. It was a slow go since there were many no wake zones and boats in the water as well current going the wrong way.

Lots of very large homes and many of them had their whole back of the house screened in - there must be lots of bugs!

We reached Daytona Beach at 1:35 so we continued to New Smyrna Beach and arrived at the marina at mile marker 845 at 3:40. We traveled 61.26nm.

Our plan is to travel to Melbourne tomorrow (72 miles) and home on Thursday - 87 miles. We are hopeful this will work

In the meantime we're enjoying some down time with drinks and some veggies and we will grill the rest of the hamburgers with Ed's now famous mashed potatoes.